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July 4, 2011 July 5, 2011

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I have had a “room of my own” but it has been full of furniture intended for other purposes and in a room that used to be a small dining room. Last winter I bought a Cheap Joe’s taboret and I love it. It is robust and the drawers slide so easy. It inspired me to buy some attractive boxes to organize my art materials – one for watercolor, one for drawing, one for acrylics and one for all the other stuff. One thing let to another and I recently asked my daughters and husband for gift cards from Cheap Joe’s so I could get the matching drawing table. It arrived last Friday and I spent the weekend organizing and sorting and throwing out. I love the table and have painted my first painting on it (which I will post tomorrow). I thought I would show you “Linda’s Room” at the Halcomb house. I even hung some of my own art along side that of Monet. I love seeing other artist’s work space and feel really lucky (after having spent 30 years painting on a kitchen table off and on) to have this space. I hope some of you will share your space as well.

My Desk

This photo shows the small dining table that I use for a desk. Also the firewood holder that my brother made and I now use to hold my large pads, drawing boards and sheets of paper. You can just see a 4 pound toy Pomeranian furball behind the music stand I use as a “living with it” easel.

Studio 2

For this photo I’m standing where the music stand is. I’m going to put a small table with a plant or lamp or a small light weight rolling cart with drawers between the chairs. Love my Monet! Especially in the winter!

Studio 3

Here is my taboret and table. I love them! This was taken before I inaugurated the drawing table. You can see a couple of the four bookcases in the room. I have sixteen bookcases total and I think that’s why we never discuss moving.

Studio 4

Nuff said!



7 Responses to “July 4, 2011”

  1. lesliepaints Says:

    My space is the kitchen table, Linda, so no pictures of a studio room from me. Supplies are stored in a cupboard under basement stairs. So drab. Your space is lovely and thank you for sharing it!

    • Linda Halcomb Says:

      Leslie, I painted on my kitchen table for years and years. The hardest part is the daily clean up and put away. I still find myself sitting at the kitchen occasionally when I am working on small paintings. It gives a feeling of comfort at times.

  2. ruthsartwork Says:

    Congratulations on the new space. I finally got my own dedicated studio when we built our house 3 years ago. It is so wonderful to have a place for everything as I am sure you will find out. I put up pegboard on one wall to hang my artwork from, too. I keep hoping it will inspire me to do more and change things out. And from experience, I know you can never have too many bookcases. At last, someone who has more books than my husband and I do. I’m not sure I can adapt to electronic books. I love the feel of the real thing too much.

    • Linda Halcomb Says:

      Hi Ruth! I have so many books that I made a committment to myself that I would not buy another bookcase. For each book I buy I have to get rid of one to make room. Do you have your books organized? I have sections for novels, history, biography, art, religion, and poetry. I have quite a few sets that stay together and then try to find some organization for everything else. When I was renting space in a gallery my husband put a Walker hanging system in our smallest bedroom. That lets me hang my framed paintings and organize my paintings for shows and exhibits.

  3. Sue Brown Says:

    How lovely to have a glimpse at your workspace Linda – thank you for posting. When I’ve tidied up my room, I might do the same …

  4. You look so organised too! My studio is the spare bedroom. I dare not show.

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