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June 21, 2011 June 21, 2011

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Now that our End of Spring Challenge has been posted, I thought I would share a couple of paintings that I did three years ago. I was trying to learn about composition and design and was thinking about the golden mean. I divided my space using the golden mean rather than place my center of interest on the golden mean.  Since we have been talking about and showing our visions of trees and leaves, I thought these works might be interesting.

With this painting entitled Tree I tried something new. I thought about a landscape plan and the symbols that are used to represent different shapes and types of trees in my books about landscaping. I loved this painting and it was the first one I ever sold at a “real” artist price. (PS…Only my photography is cock-eyed!)


After completing Tree, I was inspired by the red maple leaves carpeting the walking trails at Ft Harrison State Park. I used the same design aesthetic for Leaf.  And I know you are thinking “How wildly creative Linda is when she names her paintings!” Right?


Now to close my discussion of trees, I offer one more peom. This one is an excerpt from The Tree by Jones Very.

I love thee when thy swelling bud appears,

And one by one their tender leaves unfold,

As though they know that warmer suns were near,

No longer sought to hide from winter’s cold.

And when with darker ground thy leaves are seen,

To veil from view the early robin’s nest,

I love to lie beneath thy waving screen

With limbs by summer’ heat and toil oppressed.




6 Responses to “June 21, 2011”

  1. lesliepaints Says:

    There are those ever present circles againand squares in the second one! Excellent post to follow your end of spring challenge, Linda!

  2. Leslie, You are so right…my circles, squares and triangles seem to be my foundation don’t they? Never far away!

  3. Zeinab-Art Says:

    WoW! surprising! amazing! beautiful! I really like them.

  4. These are so different, and yet has Linda written all over them. Beautiful work and some of my favorites. Thanks for the challenge Linda!

  5. eaglewing12 Says:

    It looks rather like Japanese calligraphy/tree paintings, especially some I saw recently of Devon(UK), which showed local fauna and distinctive bright red cliffs. The maple leaf in the bottom one suggests a sense of place in North America.

    Photographers are routinely told to follow the ‘rule’ of thirds, which strangely enough roughly corresponds to dividing up an image using the golden ratio.

  6. ruthsartwork Says:

    These are rather collage like, Linda. I like it.

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