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Remind me again! End of Spring Challenge June 19, 2011

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I thought you might like a second reminder and also some inspiration!

Hi all you creative types! Last year we did three virtual paint-outs here on WordPress and boy were they fun. I am issuing the call for our first paint out of 2011. I am a devoted reader of Oprah magazine and this month I was captured, I was enchanted, I was gripped by six words from a poem by e. e. cummings. I am a farm girl who grew up among the green fields and forests of Indiana. The words that captured my imagination are “the leaping greenly spirits of trees”. I would like to offer these words as the inspiration for our first paint out. I hope everyone reading this realizes that the “Paint Out” is open to all artists whether you paint with a brush, a needle, or a word processor.

On the last day of Spring, Monday, June 20th, please post your creation on your blog and leave a comment on my post (the one with my contribution!). If you are not a blogger and would still like to participate, email me your creation and I will do a follow-up post with your work.

Thanks to all who join the community and accept the challenge. As inspiration I offer the following:

The oak is called the king of trees,

The aspen quivers in the breeze,

The poplar grows up straight and tall,

The pear tree spreads along the wall,

The sycamore gives pleasant shade,

The willow droops in watery glade,

The fir tree useful timber gives,

The beech amid the forest lives.

 by Sara Coleridge, Trees


Here is a painting I completed late last summer. It is a HUGE old oak tree in our neighborhood. It is so old, so large and so weathered that it has become an icon. The neighborhood newsletter is entitled The Tree. Hope this gives you that last little bit of inspiration that pushes you to completion. (or post something you created before the challenge was issued – just have fun with this!)

The Giant




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