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May 7, 2011 May 8, 2011

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Our Saturday started off in a very festive way…and of course, since I live in Indiana, with sprinkles. The Indianapolis Museum of Art held a volunteer appreciation brunch to thank all of their volunteers. It was fun with great food (have you ever had cherry stuffed french toast with ginger orange syrup? Yumm-O!) and we sat a table with dog lovers so we had a great time swapping stories.

I worked on a painting off and on all day yesterday but had a total failure. I used my 6″ X 6″ block of Fluid paper like I usually do with lots of water and wet-in-wet work. I had also used some masking fluid and when I removed it it pulled up the surface of the paper in BIG sections. I have had this happen twice before in small sections and have been able to fix it but not this time. Anyway, I will continue to experiment.

Next week I am entering my first competitive show for the year. It is at the Southside Art League of Indianapolis (SALI). I am entering a painting I completed last summer called Sun Dappled Geraniums. I always like to support the organizations I belong to by entering their shows even if I’m outclassed by the serious professional artists in the group. I love any feedback I get and  sorry for the blurry photo!

Sun Dappled Geraniums


9 Responses to “May 7, 2011”

  1. Zeinab-Art Says:

    I think you will win the competition, because the colors are attractive. the blurry photo is good, too 😀 I like it. have a nice time dear!

  2. lesliepaints Says:

    I can see enough of the blurry geraniums to want to see it not blurry. The color is stunning. Good luck to you in your first juried show of the year, Linda!

    • Thank you Leslie. Just a question – with your great sense of color do you think the pink/magenta in the background is distracting? Does it clash with the blues and greens? I used it because it adds such energy and I like it but my husband doesn’t like this painting nearly as well as I do and I think it is the background that he doesn’t like.

      • lesliepaints Says:

        I like it because it looks like more of these flowers just furthur back. It also helps you to lose a bit of an edge there and make your flowers look less carvedout or pasted on.

  3. first of all i think you are such a crazy lady to do wet on wet! i have such a hard time getting anything to work the way i want it to with that technique. so good for you! and i think you should do a painting of cherry stuffed french toast with ginger syrup. that sounds so amazing. i would wish you luck, but girl! you know you don’t need it! ❤

    • The french toast was amzing but I was shoveling it in so fast that my pencil never saw the light of day. I actually agree with you – wet on wet is very hard to control. Luckily with abstracts I just respond to what it does. That’s one reason I enjoy it.

  4. This is lovely Linda. I’ve been moved by your recent work along with your narrative. My thoughts as always are with you both.

  5. Theresa Evans Says:

    Thanks for the comment! This painting is really beautiful also!!

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