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April 14, 2011 April 15, 2011

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Yesterday was a real bummer. We learned that, for whatever reason, they were not able to make the vaccine for Ken’s treatment this week. We were very disappointed. The feelings of frustration, lack of control and disappointment led me to work on another version of “falling”. I have been thinking about doing a painting with just blacks, grays and one other color so I practiced Carpe Deum and took a shot. I am actually very happy with this painting. It is on Arches paper and is roughly 8″ X 10″ ( don’t have the exact dimensions here!)

Falling 3

I am also working on a little “Blue” painting. It is on my new 6″ X 8″ block of Fluid watercolor paper. It was going very well but I think I’ve mucked it up and I’m trying to recover.  I may pull out the MASA paper and use collage to do some major revision. So many options…


14 Responses to “April 14, 2011”

  1. Beth Parker Says:

    Linda, I love the wonderful paintings you have been doing! It’s been too long since I stopped by. They are amazing!!! I hope you get better news soon regarding Ken’s health. ((hugs))

    • Thank you Beth. We are all very busy and I know I do not have the time I would like to look at everyone’s blog. I appreciate any time you take to look and comment. I make it a point to visit your blog – your art makes me smile!

  2. lesliepaints Says:

    Immediately upon opening this I saw a female figure with arms ooutspread and head cocked to the left! She has a headfull of long black hair and it is flying around as if tossed. The whole painting, done in grays and reds and black, gave me a feeling of “enough already” with all this gray. Love it!

  3. Chris Carter Says:

    Once again, there is great beauty that shines forth from these paintings that have been inspired by the frustrations and sadness of Ken’s health situation. Perhaps it is the love for him that breaks through and shines in these paintings.

    • The last few weeks have been nice because we have gotten to spend most of our time together. Something very unusual with all the volunteer work we do. It has been wonderful and he is such an integral part of me and my art and my thoughts that I agree – he is the shine in my eyes!

  4. Linda, so sorry to hear about the delay in Ken’s treatment. If it’s any comfort, the art work you are doing lately is very powerful.

    Many blessings,

  5. Sue Brown Says:

    This recent work is brilliant Linda: something positive out of all the not-so-great stuff that’s going on maybe. Hope it is providing a focus for you.

    • Thank you Sue. For the first several months of the year I did nothing but sketches. I was too tired and unfacused to do more. I commented that I felt like a simmering stew and hoped something would come from the bubbling going on inside. I feel like these paintings are pouring out of me.

  6. Stephen Says:

    I love the boldness and sensitivity in this work you are doing – thank you for sharing your journey with Ken with us all
    blessings to you both

  7. Vladimir C. Says:

    wonderful painting, I can feel the feelings through this canvas…

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