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April 3, 2011 April 5, 2011

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When I complete an abstract painting, I’m often faced with an interesting  conundrum. Which side is “Up”? I know how I painted it – so that’s the top, right? But maybe it looks better upside down or in portrait rather than landscape orientation. I turn it and turn it. I have even had my works framed with wire runnning both ways so whoever buys it can decide how THEY like it. Anyway my latest painting is one of those.

Falling - the way I painted it

This painting is my comment on the uncertainty we have in our lives – on the events, happenings and situations we cannot control. I am trying to express the discomfort and fear we feel when we have no ability to say “No! Stop!”. And, obviously I am still thinking about blood and the role it is playing in Ken’s treatment. Thinking about the good days and the bad days. Now my confusion…here is the painting upside down.

Falling - upside down

Oh no, I like it is this way too. Which do you like better? Please give me your opinion!


20 Responses to “April 3, 2011”

  1. zookyshirts Says:

    I really like this painting. The white lines nicely contrast and pop out from the blend of colors around them. I like the top orientation more than the bottom one… something about the lines seeming to start from the cooler, dark blue side and traveling to the warmer, yellow/pink side and turning into red themselves. I like the idea of the lines ending as red more than beginning as red. Just my two cents. It’s really neat that you have placed wires on both orientations of your paintings, so people can hang them either way… they can have their own interpretations, maybe even change the orientation to alter how they look at your work.

    • When I started my painting my intent was to move from dark to light, kind of a move from negative to positive happenings. I was really glad that I had placed hangers running both ways on one of my early abstracts. It is my favorite ever and I actually changed my preference from a landscape to a portrait orientation over time.

  2. Harriett Smith Says:

    I like the original position you painted. It gives me the warmth of a “sun” rising feeling seeing the mellow yellow. I can see optimism rising.

  3. Chris Carter Says:

    I like the original version best, not because it is the way you originally painted it but because of the energy flow when viewed that way.

  4. Linda,
    I like the original best, too. Terrific painting!

  5. judy Says:

    Linda, I like the upside down version because that composition feels more comfortable to me. For me, that one lets the lights/brights pop into the foreground more, while the darks recede. I also like that, reading left to right, the white grid–the unwritten words–are the ones going forward. That is hopeful to me.

    • Judy, Very interesting impressions. I learn so much from the way different people observe and interpret my abstract paintings. Even though I have a general objective when I start painting, I am not usually working to the “specific”. Aha moment! I think my abstracts are about feelings and my realistic paintings are about seeing!

  6. Ms. Messy Says:

    This probably isn’t going to help, but I like both. The first one says to me that whatever’s happened has happened and we’re simply left with the aftermath to detangle and the second one says change is coming, for better or for worse, we just don’t know yet as it could go so many different ways.

  7. I like them both equally well. It is an exciting painting….full of movement. It would be fun to change the position now and again. Love the color and the electric lines.

  8. Rachel Says:

    Linda, I like the first one better. The second seems like an uphill struggle to me, and on some days, that might be appropriate. out of curiosity, if you provide two ways of hanging the painting, where do you sign it? Do you sign it in two places as well? this was a topic on the watercolorworkshop yahoo group recently.

    • I usually sign and date them on the back of the work and put a business card on the back of the framed piece. Have you heard better ideas? This is just something that evolved in my case.

  9. lesliepaints Says:

    I like the first one better, Linda. For me, it has to do with the placement of color on that one. Vibrant and beautiful.

  10. Carol King Says:

    Ok, I’m going against the grain here, but I think I like the bottom one better. The red lines or blood going down what looks like a waterfall, and being cleansed into clean white energy really moves me.

  11. I agree with everyone who likes ‘Falling’ the original way. The energy is very powerful in a positive way.

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