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March 16, 2011 March 17, 2011

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On November 14, 2010 I posted a drawing for a new painting I wanted to do. Well I’m a little slow! This is the ninth in a series I’m doing of geometric shapes. Aren’t I clever titling it Geometry 9? As most of you know I am a Purdue math major and am fascinatated by geometric shapes and prizmatic color. I have painted five other paintings similar to this one.

Geometry 9

It took me two years to come to this approach but I think it is very pleasing. I started small by doing three 5″ X 7″ paintings – circle, square, triangle. I moved up to 8″ X 10″ paintings and this completes that set of three. I will now scale up again. As the works get bigger the design gets more complex and the triangle is the most difficult basic shape to work with.  Working with the design of these works is like gymnastics for my brain…difficult to find beauty and balance and power and interest but so satisfying when I do.



4 Responses to “March 16, 2011”

  1. lesliepaints Says:

    What these always do is push and pull my eye trying to determine what is the negative space and what is the positive. In this one, the white comes forward, finally, as the positive. I have always liked the colors in these.

    • Leslie, you did it again…gave me a totally different perspective. I am always so focused on the colors that I never think about positive versus negative space and the push-pull of these pieces. Thank you! Something new for me to think about!

  2. I love how the colors flow into one another!

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