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March 12, 2011 March 12, 2011

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In my mind’s eye I am still visualizing “dark” places.  I thought about Mordor (from Lord of the Rings) and the inferno blazing in that dark place.  I came up with this painting with a glowing fire blazing in the middle … waiting to consume its unwary victims. Thankfully Ken and I are not unwary and are not yet victims of hard-core, depths of despair type depression. I believe being aware and vigilant will help keep us from the worst. As will the support of all our friends! Thank you…

The Dark Place 2

This is on a 4″ X 6″ clayboard panel. I find clayboard to be quite a bit like Yupo…hard surface, some staining, push the paint around, have to watch for hard edges as paint dries. The surfaces is not as absorbant as I expected. Does that change if you sand it a little? I have one more panel and it is a little larger. I may try a landscape which would have more detail and might be better suited for this surface. I don’t know!?!?  A little confused at this point.


10 Responses to “March 12, 2011”

  1. lesliepaints Says:

    What I ike about these is the brilliance of color that you are achieving on this surface, Linda.I still don’t see these compositions as dark places. Everyone looks at and interprets color, differently. I have always looked at orange as representing relationship and communication with others like our loved ones and friends. The blue speaks of truth, to me. The green represents unconditional love and the earth tones ground all that in this physical realm of this world. I like the somewhat distorted heart shape in this as though a journey and flow is being created by change. Rather beautiful rather than dark……….

    • Leslie, you have given me something to think about. We each interpret and respond to color differently. I love color so my dark places are dark blue and purple and Indian Red and Burnt Sienna. I tried to start out light and then the move to darker values as I approached the “place”. I do love color though and it always shows!

  2. Linda,
    Your work is absolutely gorgeous. I love music 3 as well! I’m so glad you have music and art in your lives. I don’t know what I would do without them. I will be praying for Ken as well. *HUGS* Take care and keep on creating hon.

  3. ruthsartwork Says:

    I just read about Ken and am so sorry about this. Both of your dark paintings are wonderful and the fact that you have even been able to paint and blog since last August is awe inspiring. I am so glad that your art provides comfort for you. Getting lost for a while in our art is a great gift. I will be thinking good thoughts for you both.

    • I’ve really tried to find materials that I can take with me so I can work in a doctor’s office or waiting room. That makes all the difference! Thanks Ruth! I appreciate your comments.

  4. Francis Says:

    I think you really have a gift for imagination, all your subject are really creative. Love those colors.

  5. Thank you Francis! Now if my skills catch up with my imagination I will have it made. I guess we each learn and improve each time we create.

  6. Sue Brown Says:

    Hi Linda – just wanted to say I was so sorry to hear about Ken’s illness. Sending good thoughts to you both. Your work is so lovely here: the brilliance of the colours is stunning.


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