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February 21, 2011 February 22, 2011

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Graphite is such a subtle, flexible medium that I really enjoy working with it…but, of course, you know me…I miss my COLOR. For whatever reason, right now, I am intensely drawn to draw. Here is my latest drawing. I am calling it Music #2. After seeing the photo I took, I think I need to deepen some of the values but here it is for your viewing pleasure (I hope.)

Music #2 - Graphite in 6" X 9" Sketchbook


6 Responses to “February 21, 2011”

  1. aloha Linda – fun. i like this music. i like seeing the loose fluidity of line in the loose fluidity of shapes.

    my guess is that you can probably tweak this a bit in your software image program if you think the values are not accurate enough compared to your original work. i know i often go on about value range. sometimes though… working within a limited range works too. cool fun on graphite and drawing.

  2. Barry Coombs Says:

    Your musical abstractions are great. I’m also a Leger fan and who doesn’t admire O’Keefe? There’s another artist they bring to mind for me: Arthur Dove.

  3. Barry Coombs Says:

    A friend of mine was just in Chicago for the big Marin show and brought back a catalogue for me. Next best thing.

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