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February 20, 2011 February 21, 2011

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My catch phrase for February should be Graphite is Grand! It was rainy yesterday so I found time to relax and to do another little drawing. When I create these little drawings I am using a 6″ X 9″ sketchbook and graphite pencils with several different hardnesses. I usually start with a 6H and that really hard lead seems to the one that “incises” the paper. I’ve also noticed that occasionally I get some incision using my 2B mechanical pencil. Anyway …just adds to the interest! With this drawing I wanted to do something geometric but I included the curved elements so it would not look TOO industrial.  PS The paper is not pink! Couldn’t get the background color in the photo right!!!!!

Abstract Drawing 02202011


9 Responses to “February 20, 2011”

  1. lesliepaints Says:

    I know about that pink. I get that, too. This is lovely. You have a wonderful series of value studies with interesting compositions, here, Linda. For me, they are some of my favorites of yours. In this one, I am completely “bowled over” by that glow on the top grouping of marbles!

  2. Carol King Says:

    such wonderful shapes and forms. I really like your abstract drawing and I’m with you…Graphite IS Grand. I’ve been doing some drawing myself which I will post soon.
    I really like the three “pearls” towards the top of the drawing.

  3. This is cool and love the movement and shapes.
    If scanning into photoshop or can place into photoshop, go to the LAYER pull down, go to NEW ADJUSTMENT LAYER, CURVES, and the third eye dropper in bottom right, select it and then click on the white paper background, this should get rid of most pink or bluish background tint. If not let me know and I’ll give you the calibration numbers. Hope this helps!

    • Thank you Ryan! I have a MAC and use iPhoto but, like all my software, I never have learned how to use the capability fully. Do you know anything about iPhoto? I think I will look at the help system. I may be able to solve the problem that way. (duh!!!)

  4. yeah, some of the things you’re doing with graphite ARE Grand. way cool on this one Linda.

    yeah, again – iPhoto has several areas where you can work on the pink and blue. i have iPhoto – i played with it enough to know i could do those kinds of things but it’s easier for me to take it into photoshop – although Ryan is tweaking it there in a different way than i would – which is cool because i’m going to have to learn to do it the way he’s suggesting now too. bwahahahaha. i like that about these image programs – there are lots of ways to tweak things. just make a COPY of your image. – keep the original image as it came from your camera. then play with a COPY. you can make as many copies as you want – so each time you want to try something different just make another copy from the original (or from something you’ve already tweaked if you want to start from that point). when you get something you like click on Save It As. and give it another name. i use a name – like “graphite ribbon” may be – then on my copy i’ll make that – graphite ribbon 2 – and the next is – graphite ribbon 3 – but if i want to work from one of these then i’ll use a letter after the number – so it becomes – graphite ribbon 3b – and so on. that way i have them close enough in name that i can find them easily and i just pay attention to the number and letter that i like. when i have it the way i want it, i add a copyright symbol in the name – that will bring it to the top of my folder. and if i want a smaller version of that finished work i make a small file then add – small – or – sml – after the number/letter.

    i hope that makes sense and it’s useful. you’ll eventually find your own way to organize and it doesnt have to be like this. this might give you an idea of how to start tho – i hope. just play. if you play on a copy, you cant do anything wrong really, because you’ll always have the original to go back to, to make another copy.

  5. There was a time when I used nothing more than a very hard pencil for drawing it was the only way I could keep things clean. I still use a mechanical pencil to this day. I love your drawings!

    • Thank you Keith! I think I get the incisions from my 6H pencils and primarily from my mechanical pencils which have 2B lead but they seem to get “burrs” that cut the paper. It does not usually bother me but it shows up more in the photos than in person.

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