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February 2, 2011 February 3, 2011

I seem to be obsessed with eyes and the faces that should go with them. Yesterday I found two more sets of eyes that interested me and, because of the snow and ice, I had time to work with them. Both are done in my small watermedia sketchbook and are roughly 5″ X 7″ in size. The first is my visual idea of a business man – canny, astute, cunning, reserved, questioning. I thought he deserved a monochromatic treatment because that is what he lets the world see. Also stepping into the light – perhaps realizing that profits do not make environmental degradation right. I don’t know – sounds puffed up but here he is.

The Business Man

After completing the first face I decided to challenge myself by working with color. I used my aquabrush and watercolor crayons and was amazed at the lovely, realistic skintones I could achieve with the crayons. I used a wet aquabrush to dab the end of the crayons. This works really well for certain pastel-colored effects. In this case I like the eyes and the beard…can’t say much more…just started working and here is what happened.

Bearded man

I am trying to develop my skill by putting each face in a slightly different posture. I just realized I really need to do more/something with the background but these are just sketches…oh well!


6 Responses to “February 2, 2011”

  1. jwms1 Says:

    Very nice! You have captured some very interesting expressions in both portraits. I really like how you used the watercolor crayons.

  2. These are great portraits. They convey such intense emotion and depth. Whatever you do with the technique does not matter much to me because you have captured and sent a message. The best technique on the planet cannot do that. You have that something else.

  3. aswirly Says:

    I love how you captured such intense expression in both portraits. Very nice!

  4. artimagica Says:

    Your business man is wonderful as is your man done in color. Though the one in color looks rather disgruntled so maybe I wasn’t as drawn to him! I love eyes too and have used them in my collages before. They can do and mean and convey so many things. Keep them coming!

  5. lesliepaints Says:

    I think it is very interesting that you create faces around eyes. ..and even ones with readable expressions! Good job.

  6. Noel Garner Says:

    I have an aquabrush and watercolour crayons but not exploited them yet . Much to learn from what you’ve done here. Thanks

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