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January 30, 2011 January 31, 2011

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Very productive day yesterday and loads of fun. I took on my third EDM challenge. I used a purse that has been my favorite for years. It was just semi-retired when my husband got me a multi-pocket, cross body purse from the National Geographic Catalog for Christmas…organized and hands-free…wahoo! Love the new purse but I am holding onto the old one. It is from Talbot’s, very flexible and also has a few pockets. I had to think about giving it a rest because somehow it got a smudge of white paint on its black canvas side. I was sad! Here it is…

Favorite Purse - EDM #3


I also had time (during the Pro Bowl) to sketch a set of the beautiful columns that decorate the facade of the Alamo. I love the warm color of the stones and stucco and thought this would be a good chance to try an underwash with an ink drawing on top.

Alamo Columns


12 Responses to “January 30, 2011”

  1. jwms1 Says:

    I like both sketches. Each for differing reasons. I love the colors in the purse sketch (cute purse, too), and I love the way you broke up the background plane. Very interesting. I I like the pen work and rough brush strokes in the Alamo sketch.

  2. yeah, what jwms1 said. i like both too for different reasons – the purse over all just has a great feel to it. i could see a purse and pack series out of that. it’s the line in the Alamo that i like a lot. it feels energetic and like it’s laid down with ease and let stand as is. cool on both of these, Linda – aloha.

  3. ruthsartwork Says:

    EDM is a great idea. I have been musing about a line of artwork to use perhaps for bookmarks and gift tags and this has gotten me thinking. Have you ever thought about ACEO artwork? It is an interesting concept for small pieces of art.

    I like the sketchy quality and coloring of these drawings here. Not overdone, just fun. I bet that you could use some of them as gift tags too.

    • I have to force myself to STOP! I am a fiddler and always run the risk of ruining a painting or sketch by overdoing it. I do ATC’s to give to my family at Christmas but I have never thought about ACEO’s. Any thoughts on the hows?

  4. allicette Says:

    I love the whimsy of the purse. It also has a Picasso slant to it. Fantastic!

  5. ruthsartwork Says:

    Google ACEO. I saw several artists advertise ACEO so I did a preliminary look at it on line. It is art of a specific small size – about the size of a trading card and can be original art or prints. I am going to look further into it soon, but it seems a good way of marketing small pieces of art. I am trying to be on the lookout for new sales and marketing ideas this year.

    • aloha RuthsArtWork and Linda – yeah, just so you know ACEOs and ATCs are essentially the same thing. it’s just that originally ATCs were specifically intended not to be sold – only traded. but then lots of issues came up around that – like for people who already worked in that size and sold their work, and people who wanted to buy an artists ATC because they couldnt trade anything that was on par with what the artist could do – etc.

      it got messy and heated to say the least for a while. now most people recognize the need for artists to make a living if they are able to do so.

      what happened was the people who wanted to sell their small works began to call those works ACEOs – Art Cards, Editions and Originals (or sometimes also Art Collectibles, Editions and Originals) to distinguish them from ATCs (Artist Trading Cards).

      a lot of artists now will make both ATCs And ACEOs. the thing i think that is important is to understand the difference. a lot of artists to keep from being confusing will refer to a work one way or the other, depending on what they intend to do with THAT card. meaning they wont call a work both an ATC And an ACEO – they’ll call a work that is that size (2.5 x 3.5 inches) one or the other.

      not every body does that either – some will call them both – but that can get messy. i’ve tried to go to the one or the other philosophy personally just because money makes things a little different than trading.

      aloha –

  6. Cameoland Says:

    LOVE the Alamo– The colors pop so well!

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