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January 29, 2011 January 30, 2011

For a year I have been fascinated by the Every Day Matters (EDM) challenge. Last year my focus was on using my newly aquired knowledge of color theory and drawing to create watercolor paintings for show and competition. (Wow is that a mouth full!) This year I am more focused on having fun and relieving stress and continuing to develop my knowledge and skills. Nothing is more challenging than trying to make mundane everyday objects impactful, beautiful or exciting. So here I am, close to the end of January, 2011 starting the EDM challenge. I am not making a commitment about how, when or where I will work on this. I just want to enjoy the experience. Here are EDM #1 and EDM #2.

Christmas Shoes - EDM #1

Andy Warhol gained much of his initial recognition through his whimsical illustrations of women’s shoes made for a luxury leather store in NYC. His “blotted line” drawings and some of the gorgeous photos in “O” magazine inspired EDM #1. I also took the oppotunity to use my bamboo calligraphy pens, another tool I bought and never used.

Ken's Lamp - EDM #2

The second EDM object is a lamp. In this case I used a more traditional approach and the lamp that sits beside my husband’s chair. Both the EDM’s were created using graphite, colored pencil and watercolor. For EDM #1 I used a fine point bamboo pen and Black Magic ink.


5 Responses to “January 29, 2011”

  1. lesliepaints Says:

    I am drawn to the lamp, Linda. I think the warm colors in it and the way you handled the light surrounding it is beautiful.

  2. fun. i like this EDM concept. what i really like, is your approach – to just have fun. i think ultimately you’ll gravitate to areas, subjects and working ways that you enjoy because you’re having fun and that leads to work that you have a feeling for – and i like that a lot. so fun on! is the way i see it. these both have an element of fun in them. cool.

  3. Love the shoes! The colors in the lamp painting are so peaceful. I love the idea of using watercolors and color pencil together. I’ve done a small sketch mixing these two mediums and really loved the results.

  4. Rachel Says:

    The lamp is lovely. I enjoy doing the EDM sketches, haven’t in awhile, but I have done my share, It’s a neat group too! Thanks for your encouragement on my color wheel and trials!

  5. Keith Palmer Says:

    Nice Linda, you’ve become very prolific of late. You’re inspiring me to do more!

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