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January 10, 2011 January 11, 2011

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Well I have started a new painting and am at a decision point. I have already wet the paper and dropped in color twice. Both times I used small pieces of cut up Frisket Film to mask parts of the paper and create some embedded shapes. I am working with pastel colors so far. The paper I am using is 90# and will not hold up to my style of painting. I get the paper too wet and it buckles. Here is “Step 1”.

Step 1

I think I will switch to markers and do a drawing of an oriental subject, maybe a dragon. I have also been planning to paint a poinsettia while I still have a big poinsettia plant to use as a model. With the poinsettia I am not sure if I want to work dry enough to keep the paper from buckling and laying down ripples. Decisions! Decisions!

And we are in the early hours of another snowstorm – 5 to 7 inches by this afternoon. Boy am I glad we ran errands yesterday!


8 Responses to “January 10, 2011”

  1. I reeeeeally like step 1. The pieces of frisket intrigue me. I haven’t used it since I used to air brush. You have inspired me. I’m feeling the urge to alter my technique and what to do hasn’t come into being yet. I also use a lot of water in my work as you said you do. Cancer moon. I am anticipating the next step. Enjoy the snow.

    • During a workshop given by Judi Betts, a wonderful watercolor artist, we focused on “saving the white” of the paper to give interest to our paintings. One simple technique she had us use is what I did here. Mask small sections of paper and then paint a “mingle” of mainly primary colors to create a lively background or underpainting.

  2. beautiful fresh start!
    And can you please remind me why we live in Indiana? Snow, ice, snow, ice and 100 degrees with 100 percent humidity! Hmmm makes me wonder.

    • I spent the day shoveling snow! This year my husband has even taught me to use the snow-blower. Aren’t I a lucky girl! We are still having light snow this morning…brrr! I like the colors in this “mingle” and also the neutrals created as they merged are still fresh and interesting. On to the next step!

  3. gregorbucik Says:

    oh yeah, winter fun.. 🙂 well, in Slovenia it’s raining and it’s too warm for snow. it seems as if i live in London.. rain, rain, rain..
    good luck with step #2!! 🙂

  4. Snow and ice in the Uk over the new year!
    I see you use 90gsm paper, I use 300gsm sanders, and stretch it. you can get it as wet as you like and It doesn’t buckle….

  5. yeah, again, i like the delicacy in this background. this is beautiful. i’d like seeing this process built up to create an entire image i think – along with your delicate line. this stage of your work has a lot going for it. sometimes it gets buried later on, but that’s part of our learning process. at least it is for me. sometimes it’s what i call the promise stage when i first start out. if i cant keep that beauty in the work i wonder if i should change something about what i do for my next steps. it’s magical when the promise is kept – or fulfilled of course. you definitely understand this beauty because i see it in a lot of your work. i like the way you are bringing your work together – finding your way. your dedication to keep working will serve you well. way cool on that

    oh, yeah, Judi Betts is terrific. i like her work a lot. cool and lucky you to have worked with her.

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