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January 5, 2011 January 6, 2011

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Finished Three Yellow Tulips and I had forgotten how difficult yellow is to work with. Trying to lay in shadows and develop depth is TOUGH. But anyway I am happy with my three sunny floral friends right now. When creating this painting I reversed the process that I used on Three Red Tulips as Wric suggested. I think it worked well in this case.  The white highlights are not quite as bright as they appear in the scan but all-in-all this is representative of the painting.

Three Yellow Tulips

Today will be a challenge because we are converting our family email to a new system and upgrading our cable with lots of new features.  Neither Ken nor I are very computer literate so wish us luck! Off to work on cleaning up our “address book”.


24 Responses to “January 5, 2011”

  1. Love how the orange tips the yellow and the balance of the background. It’s really luscious. Think I like it better than the red……..but hard to say.

  2. Christina Cronk Says:

    Beautiful. I love how the flowers pop against the purples. Purple is one of my favourite colors.

  3. Stunning!
    These are my wife favorites, when I’m in trouble (very seldom) yellow tulips seem to always help. Good luck with the change over!

    • Thannks Ryan! The computer part of the change over went well but we only have one of five phones and one of three TV’s working right. They have to upgrade part of the wiring and that can’t be done until next Wednesday.

  4. lesliepaints Says:

    These are gorgeous, also, Linda. Great use of complimentary color! Great use for yellow, also!
    Ahhh. Good luck with the switch over. I don’t envy that as I am not very good with all the techno stuff either.

  5. Thank you Leslie. I specifically decided to work with complimentary colors since yellow is so light and hard to make stand out. Computer conversion going wel…TV and phone not going well…yuk!

  6. thewhiteswan Says:

    Love the yellow! Not sure which I like better, the red or the yellow. But I do like this background better, there’s more movement and interest in it for me, but not distracting from the flowers at all.

  7. Carol King Says:

    I, like whiteswan really like the yellow, but am not sure which I like better. They are both so beautiful. Tulips are some of my favorite flowers and you did such luscious ones here.

  8. ruthsartwork Says:

    I like the complementary colors, too. I like the yellow better than the red – softer maybe for the flowers and the background – but both are quite nice.

  9. Great piece! yellow can be tricky but having the opposite colour behind really makes them pop!

  10. I found you through Ruth’s site, and now I’m amazed by BOTH of you. There are so many talented people on WordPress. I’m commenting here, but ALL of your work is striking. I love yellow, and yes it is hard to work with. You do beautiful work. Patsye

  11. Chris Carter Says:

    Fabulous color! Great contrast. I love the looseness of the upper left corner.

  12. Stunning Linda, puts my Limes to shame.

  13. kim Says:

    i want to buy this one for dodie. tulips are her favorite flowers. she would love this. beautiful!

  14. Rachel Says:

    I LOVE this Linda!

  15. Beth Parker Says:

    This is incredible, Linda!!! I can see it really HUGE on the wall. I love it!!!!!

  16. aloha Linda – yeah – i think you got the zing on all levels of this one. i like your complementary thinking. and yeah – this pops. cool.

    • oh. i noticed some discussion on preferring red vs the yellow tulips. it’s interesting. i think a lot would depend on where i saw the works, and probably my own mood too. so for me it’s not that i’d prefer one over the other necessarily, but that i like both and might prefer each in slightly different situations. then it becomes fun to think about where i might place one and where i might place the other. …and where i might place both together. ha. okay, getting carried away now. aloha.

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