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December 28, 2010 December 29, 2010

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I finally started the painting I wanted to do of the three red tulips. I did not get very far (our waterheater had to be replaced this week!) but I have completed the background and am happy with the darkness and drama of it.

Three Red Tulips - Step 1

I used Frisket Masking Film to mask the flowers. I like this technique if the shape is simple. It lets me really lay down my darks. I am very timid without the safety the film provides. Something to work on!


15 Responses to “December 28, 2010”

  1. ruthsartwork Says:

    I enjoy your artwork, too. I really like the Sentinal 2 tree you posted earlier and the progression of the abstract. I have done a few things like that starting with a watercolor base and then finding something with ink. It is very freeing after the detailed architectural work.

    • I get stiffled occasionally and need to break out. When I feel this way I “play” on Yupo or pour and splash around. Or I paint a full sheet abstract with acrylics on Yupo. I just let myself go and have fun.

  2. artimagica Says:

    The background is wonderful – dark and moody. I can’t wait to see more!

  3. Artswebshow Says:

    A very dramatic and deep background.
    I’d very much like to see it when it completed

  4. lesliepaints Says:

    Good start, Linda! Frisket masking film? Use it! It is wonderful stuff when the situation calls for it.

    • I agree about the masking film. Do you know any good way to get the backing off? I would like to use it more in my abstracts but it is such a pain to get the backing off of the little pieces. Thank you Leslie…Have a GREAT New Year.

      • lesliepaints Says:

        This is going to sound awful, but I had the same problem. I did what my Mother used to do to get papers separated, licked my index finger and placed it on one side of the paper and my thumb on the other and wiggled them back and forth a little till I could see an edge to peel back. Hope that helps, Linda!

  5. I love the dark background! Can’t wait to see the final, I bet the tulips are going to pop!

  6. yeah, you have a good process going and i think the way you’re working with the frisket makes a lot of sense. cool.

    • Thanks Rick! I like the crisp edges I can get. They make a real difference on a cropped painting like this one.

      • cool. and another thought… you might try laying your tulips in first, even using that color and working process over the entire paper. then mask off what you dont want to darken. the darkening process will then have the same color base as the tulips that way, so there would be some underlying unity – plus i find working the negative space often pops the positive space. i think that’s the challenge you are looking at now. the negative space is juicy and great – but you still have to work the positive space. the other way, the positive space would already be worked… and what you do in the negative space would then finish the painting rather than struggling to work with what you do in the positive space. just a thought tho.

  7. Carol King Says:

    I like the drama of the background and can’t wait to see the bright red flowers.

    Sorry about the water heater! Bummer. Happy New Year!

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