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December 27, 2010 December 28, 2010

gbc Gallery Show, November and December, 2010

gbc Gallery Show

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday everyone. I hope your holiday was safe, enjoyable and that we were warm and cozy if you were caught in the blizzard that hit the east coast. Today is my husband’s birthday so  (once again) I will not have much time to paint. But I do have something to share.

I finally have a few photos of my solo show to post . I have 40 paintings in the show and they range from realistic to abstract and include drawings in ink and charcoal and paintings in watercolor and acrylic. There is even a little use of pastel thrown in.

gbc Gallery Show

gbc Gallery Show

The show ends this weekend so I wanted to post some of my photos for you to see before it ended. This has been an excellent opportunity for me to obtain feedback and I believe I may have sold  three or four paintings. The three little black and white paintings have sold as a group and one of my little florals has probably sold.

gbc Gallery Show


6 Responses to “December 27, 2010”

  1. Artswebshow Says:

    Oh wow, nice.
    Good luck with the show

  2. Thank you! It is always fun to show my work. I have a guest book and I encourage comments, praise and criticism. It is always fun to look at after the show closes.

  3. thewhiteswan Says:

    Congrats on selling some pieces!!!
    I’m going to “steal” your guest book idea and file that away for future reference. What a great idea.

  4. aloha Linda – fun. i think it’s enlightening to see our work up in space where it was not created. we get a different perspective on it. we get to see how we feel about our own work our self because in a way, i think we get to become a little detached from it. closer to the viewer’s point of view and can feel how the work will be able to stand on it’s own. i find showing my work to be a great learning tool. of course a sale is fun too. congratulations on all sales. imo, one of the real values of a show is how we change things for our next showing, so that our next exposure is even more fun. i’ve learned also to keep in mind that a show is not an end, so i try to get right back into creating as soon as possible – even while the show is going on. …more fun of course. cool on the show – aloha

    • Aloha Rick! Like you I think the best thing about showing is getting feedback. I always tell people to give me the goods AND the bads. It is hard for people to do but I learn SO much from this feedback. The thing I learned from my last one person show was that I need to talk with visitors…to tell the story behind the paintings in order to help them understand my paintings. I pulled together a book that had chapters about groups of paintings – like my geometric paintings, my collages, my florals. It was so much fun to do that I will definitely do it again.

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