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November 11, 2010 November 12, 2010

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Another page from my book of stories:


I must admit that I am clearly a left brainer. I am rational and organized and love precision and logic. My undergraduate degree was from Purdue University in Mathematics. Math has been a pleasure for me since I was a little girl. I still remember the joy of unlocking the keys to trigonometry. But I also recognize my natural limitations. I work to free my right brain so I can be spontaneous, creative and experimental. I have had some success by striving to combine both my love of art and mathematics. For four years I have been working on a series of paintings devoted to geometry.  I love the power of basic geometric shapes and tried for about 18 months to find a way to combine the beauty of geometric shapes with prismatic color. A year ago I made a breakthrough and have created five small paintings that have achieved my vision.

Geometry #4 - First in the new geometric Series

To develop these paintings I would choose a shape and work out a strong design in my sketchbook. My focus was on the design and the way the shapes interlock to create variety, interest and a clean simplicity.

Geometry #5

After finalizing my rough drawing. I used a ruler and protractor to make a scale drawing . This allowed me to work out any final design changes. I finished my “to scale” drawing by using colored pencils to determine the color scheme for the painting.

Geometry #6

The final design was then drawn on watercolor paper and painted with pure color using watercolor paint. The design for the triangle shape was by far the most difficult to develop. The circle and square lend themselves to beautiful, symmetrical design. The triangle is much more difficult to “balance”.

I will continue with this series that gives me so much joy. My next objective is to scale up even further – to do larger paintings. I hope the results are spectacular!


7 Responses to “November 11, 2010”

  1. gregorbucik Says:

    love the triangle 🙂

  2. anitta Says:

    These look great! I was never any good at math, but I found geometry very fascinating. I think these will look awesome in bigger size!

    • Thank you for looking at my post. I hope you will visit again. These were really fun to do and I hope I find time soon to scale up. I have done two paintings that are slightly larger that I did not show but I want to go BIG.

  3. Linda, These are very clever and I’m really interested how you came up with the shapes. How big are they? Perhaps you could try working them onto a huge canvas in oil or acrylic I think scale would make them very dramatic.

    • Hi Keith. The three paintings I included are 5″ X 7″ and I have done 2 that are 8″ X 10″ but I would like to try larger works with more complexity but still simple and elegant in design. I am getting ready to post some information about how I developed the designs. I hope you see it.

  4. Francis Jong Says:

    You have a mind of a creative thinking. I’m not much of design and creativity but i do like the art work you done, it’s marvelous. Good job there Linda.

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