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November 8, 2010 November 9, 2010

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Last night I finished my first larger painting using my splish-splash methodology. (I am trying to come up with a less cutsy term but haven’t found one yet.) This painting is 12″ X 16″ and started out rather dramitically.

SS Color Large - Step 1

I got involved in painting and unfortunately did not get photos as I worked my way to a finished painting. I think this painting had six or eight layers of paint applied as it evolved.

SS Color Large - Step 2

I am still working primarily without a brush and am still being inspired by the processes and abstract acrylic paintings of Edward Betts and his book Masters Class in Watercolor. The challenge I set for myself was to see if I could duplicate the intensity of the color by layering watercolor rather than acrylic paint. I think I achieved this with yesterday’s painting and with today’s. A couple of key elements are 1) let your paper dry thoroughly at several points in your process, 2) have the courage to use white gouache liberally  3) refrain from over working any step and 4) if you do spray, drop in an opaque paint and start that section over while maintaining a consistent look to the whole.


6 Responses to “November 8, 2010”

  1. I love the layers as you know. I think this gives the painting more depth.
    Watercolour has that ability to flow and at the same time it can be intense in colour

    • I have been surprised at how well these paintings turned out. I have been able to mix, swirl and just generally create interesting paintings by using Yupo for a couple years but now I am learning to do it with regular 140# Arches. For me, this is a really special moment in my painting. A real learning breakthrough!

  2. aloha Linda – this has such a spacial sense to it. both shallow and deep and both in terms of the paint – warm to cool – and it feels to me like i’m looking into the universe – galaxies and solar systems, dwarf stars and wow. very cool. i think your dark areas help set off the intensities of your lights. for me it’s about the relationship of one area of color to what is around it that can bring out the intensity of almost any given color – along with value of course. i like the insight list you’ve come up with too. cool on that. and fun.

    • Mahalo Wrick! I agree with you about seeing a vision of the universe. I don’t go into these paintings with an idea but when I finished I felt like I was looking into outer space (I love the photos in National Geographic which are amazing). Later as I looked at it more I also thought I got a feeling of looking down into a coral bed. I love experimenting with this technique and I have to watch or it will consune all my time. I’m a newbie and still want to work in other areas as I explore where my heart leads me.

  3. lesliepaints Says:

    Very galactic looking,Linda. I think I like the color studies even more than the black and whites. Beautiful.

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