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October 20, 2010 October 20, 2010

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I am not quite done with this but close. I have a problem I trying to solve. I’m not sure if I can to be honest. My husband convinced me that my man and dog needed to be lower than I originally planned. I planned to have them walking through the sunlit area but he felt strongly that they should be lower and when I put my drawing on tracing paper it looked good. The problem is that the paint already applied in this area was already pretty dark with quite a bit of texture. I have been working with the man and I have lost some of his shape but I am fairly happy with the colors but the dog is a ghost dog at this point. I am setting it aside for tonight and while think on this awhile…

Indiana Autumn 90%


7 Responses to “October 20, 2010”

  1. I like it and it kinda looks like the dog is somewhere on the ‘left’? maybe make the man, unghost dog and even the trees a little darker down the middle? just a thought?
    peace n abundance,

    • CheyAnne – I’ve washed out the dog and part of the man. Overnight I’ve decided to try to wash out everything in that area and use a different pose for the man. Still working on the dog. And then the fine finishing work…

  2. Bobby Rotten Says:

    This is amazing, so beautiful.

  3. I never know when a paintings finished until I ruin it. This looks beautiful and I can’t see a problem with the figure. I also love the stage before and knowing me (coward) I would have dared not move from those brilliant colours. I love maples. We have several acers in the garden that give the same autumnal colours. Put it aside for as long as necessary and come back to it- things always become much clearer.

    • Thank you. I know you are right. I have done some washing out but I’m letting it sit at the moment. George James is a well known watercolorist In the US. He is sort of the master of working with Yupo. He was our juror this year and taught a workshop for us. He said he never loses a painting. Incredible! Of course with Yupo it is easy to scrub a portion back to the paper just as with acrylic you can paint over it again and again until you get something you like.

  4. Barry Coombs Says:

    I thought I was looking at Southern Ontario with those beautiful fall colours. You could try the dog as a dark silhouette against the light, a bit farther down the path. Good luck with it.

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