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October 18, 2010 October 18, 2010

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We never know why we hit a slump and we never know why they end. I woke up yesterday with an intense desire to paint again. All I can say is Yippee! I started working on a couple of small watercolors and I finished (I think its finished…hmmmmm?) one today. This little guy was inspired by several things. First, I just recently finished a book by Edward Betts that included a chapter on painting without a brush. This painting is done entirely without the use of a brush. Second I have been thinking about the work that Chris and Leslie have been doing, especially Leslie’s post of October 3, 2010. She did a painting using multiple shades of gray and black.  Anyway here it is…I used payne’s gray, neutral tint, charcoal gray and Dr Martin’s Hydrus white and black.

Study in Gray, Black and White #1

Now that it is finally raining in Indiana I guess you could say I’m just splashing around.


13 Responses to “October 18, 2010”

  1. caseysoasis Says:

    My sister just wrote about the rain finally coming to Indiana as well. It also inspired her creativity. And a big sigh of relief and everything got a good wash down. I like your painting.

  2. lesliepaints Says:

    This is awesome. I enlarged it and was fascinated by how the pigment looks in several areas. Very experimental, Linda. Very cool. Wonder what it would look like in some color?

    • I like this style and want to do more. You know I LOVE color so I am being strict with myself and doing one painting with color and one in monochromes right now. I hope this begins to give me more intuitive feeling for the management of values in a painting. The painting I’m working on is a guy and his dog walking through a golden, Indiana autumn. Color! Color! Color!

  3. Beth Parker Says:

    YAY!! The slump is over! What did you use, if you didn’t use a brush? I am intrigued by this, Linda. 🙂

    • I used a spray bottle, a medicine dropper, a palette knife and the pointed end of a brush. Nexy try I plan to also use my finger tip, a rag and a kleenex, maybe even some crayon or candle wax. Who knows??!!!!

  4. judy Says:

    Oh I really love that, Linda! There is such energy in that painting!

  5. Thanks Judy. It was really fun to play with. I had trouble knowing when to stop. I actually could have stoipped after my first layer but I kept going. I think this has 4 or 5 layers of paint.

  6. this looks like a puddle with splashed out boot prints. Isn’t that a wild urge we get when we get it, finally. Something just washes over me and I feel creative and I love it. I just wish it wouldn’t go away.
    peace n abundance,

  7. This is a really interesting post and I’m inspired to have a go too! I’ve tried painting with other instruments before including; knife and sponge. This is fabulous, so experimental but precise too!

  8. Havar Espedal Says:

    Hi! This is beautiful ! I would like to purchase this painting. Please provide me with a quote.

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