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End of Summer Challenge – Begin Posting September 21, 2010

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Hello all of you creative types. It is Septemer 21st and you may begin posting your self portraits. Unfortunately my computer crashed last week and is sitting in the queue at MAC Experience. I will post my offering as soon as possible. Have fun and enjoy the sharing!!!!


12 Responses to “End of Summer Challenge – Begin Posting”

  1. I forgot to tell you I am sitting in the library using their computer and feeling sorry for myself! How is that for a sadsack self portrait in words?

    • Thank you Leslie. I’m glad you found a way to post. Our library just cut its hours and I did a post as early as I could. Thanks to all of you I think everything worked out OK. I am going to update my tags to include “end of summer challenge”. That may help others find it. Thank you again!

  2. Alex Zonis Says:

    What a bummer about your computer! Wishing it a speedy recovery!

  3. Carol King Says:

    Oh No! A computer crash is awful. I hope your computer is back in the pink soon!

    I posted my self-portrait already too. I hope I can link there soon with everyone else. (And of course, I can’t wait to see your self-portrait.)

    • ….i’ll just add a get well soon note for your computer Linda. i had a lot of fun with your Self Portrait challenge. …and yeah, i know what it’s like to have my computer go down. blah. i was thinking of continuing the challenge concept but i dont want to step on any toes, is there a line up for another challenge someplace? just wondering…

      • No line up at all. Ryan (smalltowndad) issued the first one with a photo of poppies. Richard N issued the second one after being inspired to paint a lighthouse. Leslie posted her SP’s which inspired a lot of discussion so I issued this challenge. I am sure everyone would enjoy a new one!

    • Thank you Carol! Everyones creativity is amazing!

  4. idcoach Says:

    Here’s my self portrait – thanks for the challenge Linda. I’ve been busy with other things for a while, but have resurrected the blog with the aim of posting a drawing a day.

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