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Reminder – End of Summer Art Challenge September 11, 2010

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Just a reminder that our end of summer challenge focuses on the self portrait. It may be in any media, including music, poetry, prose, painting, drawing, digital, photography…you’ve got the idea, anything goes. It may also be a foot, hand, face, eyes – whatever you feel best represents YOU.

On September 21, 2010 please post a comment to this blog letting everyone know that you have posted your self portrait on your blog. Thanks to all who participate!


20 Responses to “Reminder – End of Summer Art Challenge”

  1. lesliepaints Says:

    I am working on it! Thanks for the reminder!!!!!!

  2. Beth Parker Says:

    I just posted about it on my blog today. I am having trouble getting a likeness, so I may change directions. It’s fun trying things, tho! 🙂

  3. Your collages are very interesting. It is challenging to think outside the box. I have changed my concept of colors that will work together since I started decorating cakes. When I make cakes for the cake case at work, I can try lots of weird and wild ideas, and someone usually buys them! Like putting a orange border on a pink and purple table runner. I never would have done that earlier. Decorating cakes is sort of like making collages, only the medium is different.

  4. Just found this because of Beth’s post. I don’t know that I have time but I may give it a go.

  5. snoringdogstudio Says:

    I’ve posted mine on my blog, too! Please stop by and check it out! What a fun idea, too.

  6. Carol King Says:

    I just published my self portrait.

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  10. artimagica Says:

    Hi Linda, I have posted my self portrait for your end of summer challenge. I don’t know how to put a link (DOH!) but it’s my top post on my site right now.

  11. Posted my self portrait today Sept 22 hope its not to late.

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