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August 29, 2010 August 30, 2010

Gosh, did I make mess yesterday. I started a new collage. My objective this time was to use only black, white and gray and to cover the entire surface. I started by collaging a small sheet of mid-gray paper as my background – rather like JMW Turner and other artists do when when preparing for multiple, rapid painting sessions.

Collage Exercise 08292010 - Step 1

Next I started tearing papers and gluing down pieces in a random pattern that seemed to have the potential for good design. This is what my collage looked like after I worked with a first go round with each of my non-colors.

Collage Exercise 08292010 - Step 2

At this point I thought it looked a bit like waves crashing through the entry to a sea cave so I worked with that idea applying additional pieces and using white acrylic to splatter spray. This result is, as Edward Betts would say, semi-representational.

Collage Exercise 08292010 - Step 3

I thought this looked too messy so I added more collage over the waves. I hated it, thought it looked kitchy and threw out my collage. This morning I pulled it out of the trash and tour off the last collage elements. I hope I learned from this exercise. I have a new idea for a slightly different collage that I am going to try to do today. Yesterday I started with no idea, Today I have a general vision. We’ll see which works best!


7 Responses to “August 29, 2010”

  1. I love the abstract design.

  2. Carol King Says:

    I’ve thrown pieces out only to pull them out of the trash the next day with an idea. Sometimes one never knows what one will end up with.

    I do like the B&W and the movement in this.

    • Thank you Carol. My next collage is almost completed and I am going to try one more to focus on a differnt type of composition and the values that work for it. My struggle is to keep them from looking like a piece of paper with the measles.

      • lesliepaints Says:

        I can fully identify with your struggles with the abstract. The only time I have been successful with it is when I allow the layers I create to talk to me. It is an exercise in exploration, constantly talking and redefining itself. This image doesn’t cause a negative as I view it. It calls to me to go on! At some time I have to put the book aside and go with my own vision. Good job, Linda! I applaud your getting elbow deep in collage!

  3. alixhtravis Says:


    I especially found the “process” interesting in the development of this abstract.

    • I am using a book by Edward Betts that was written in the late 1970’s titled Master Class in Watercolor. He was a painter of traditional watercolors and abstract acrylics. The collages that I’ve done recently were inspired by this book (the chapter on Collage). The next two chapters are on Mixed Media and Painting a Complete Piece Without a Brush. At the end of the book he has two really interesting chapters – “From Nature to Abstract” and “From Abstract to Nature”. I am trying to work with his concepts otherwise why read the book. But there are times when it is hard – I just want to jump in and paint!

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