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August 28, 2010 August 28, 2010

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Gosh, I have not had much time to paint, sketch or otherwise create art this week. I am Treasurer for one of my groups and we are in the middle of our membership renewal cycle and we closed our fiscal year so I am preparing financial reports…and I am developing a new public tour on Asian Ink and Brush Painting that I have to give at the IMA next Friday…and the IMA is getting ready to open a new special exhibit on Andy Warhol and his whole body of art that I am studying for…I know “Quit whining! That’s life!” OOOOKAY!

Anyway I did read three more chapters in my Edward Betts Master Class in Watercolor book and all three chapters were very relevant for me. They covered Collage, Mixed Media and Painting Without a Brush techniques. He recommends that you work with each chapter for a couple of weeks before proceeding so I started with collage. I bought a pack of Gray Scale Papers and started working with it. I will probably use collage as a component of my watercolor and acrylic paintings. I think the real value will be in helping me improve my compositions and handling of values. I started by laying out an abstract design and I used ink to draw in a crackle pattern for interest.

Step One

I then decided – Yuck! – I didn’t like the crackle pattern. I used Yellow Ochre and Burnt Sienna acrylic paintings diluted with lots of water to tone it down. This was OK but rather dull so I used a coral Nu-Pastel to add a lighter pastel color to one of the sections.One difficulty I have when working on abstract paintings is to find and stay focused on the center of interest. My intented focal point was the split rock that is half black and half white.  This was clear before I added color but the color, especially the coral color seems to draw the eye away…there’s a learning there!


4 Responses to “August 28, 2010”

  1. lesliepaints Says:

    Hi Linda! This is so interesting! I find abstract work the most difficult of all. I do not believe that good abstract work is just laying the paint or medium down any old which way and I love it that you have illustrated the same frustrations that I have when attempting one. My better abstracts (and they are few!) did not start out with creating an abstract.They were usually something I began to explore in a realistic but loose manner and they grew from there. I think your split rock shape might still be able to be brought forward again but am not skilled enough to give you advice about how to do that. Abstracts are such a work-in-progress sort of piece. Fun and creative post! Thank-you.

  2. Stephen Says:

    I like the vibrancy in this piece of work – what a great orange – the colours dance – the whole piece grabs my focus – and the split rock – yeah – it is dancing along – what a riot – thanks for the description – it was very useful for me

  3. Naomi Says:

    Interesting stuff! I like the sense of action and focus – the outward line movement, the two half-circles in the centers, and yet a falling off the edge with the shapes toward the bottom.

  4. max Says:

    Good information. I seem to need interpretations of Betts or a way to apply his ideas. A new concept for me is from Wolf Kahn who spoke about the need to create tension,.contrast between land and atmosphere or colors. I don’t know much more but perhaps looking at your work with the goal of increasing tension will help. Next research is how tension can be created. more later.

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