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August 21, 2010 August 22, 2010

Well here’s the good news and the bad news. First the bad…neither of my submitted watercolors were accepted for the Watercolor Society of Indiana’s Juried Show. This competition had over 175 entries for 52 spots. I am sad but I will keep trying!

Now the good news…seven of my eight submitted works (three watercolors, one acrylic abstract and three drawings) were juried into the professional arts competition at the Indiana State Fair and both of my submitted works were accepted into the National Abstract Show. This show had over 130 entries from 17 states and I am not sure how many were accepted. Last year’s show probably had 35-40 in the show but that is just my estimate. Anyway here are the two entries that were accepted for the abstract show.

Carnival (13" X 22" Image)

Carnival is acrylic on a half sheet of Yupo Paper and White light is acrylic on a full sheet of Yupo and I had it framed so it can be hung either horizontally or vertically. Originally I thought I would hang it horizontally but now I prefer vertically. I (IMO) think both are equally nice. Both paintings are matted and under glass and White Light has a lovely frame that was recommended by my framer who gave me a great deal on it.

White Light


15 Responses to “August 21, 2010”

  1. Stephen Says:

    Hey well done and good for you – We put our whole selves on the line when we enter work for juried shows – courage to you – all the best with the show

    • It is hard when you receive rejections. It really shakes your confidence. I was questioning my talent for a few days after receiving the WSI rejection but then I got the acceptance for my abstracts. I should just paint for the enjoyment and fulfillment it gives…but right now I am using the competitions to measure my progress even though rejection is tough.

      • Stephen Says:

        Of course we must put our work up for evaluation and criticism – that way we grow, both by learning to improve our work AND by learning to stand firm on what we know is better than the judge could see. Its a balance and for me – I am never sure at first what side to take – but that is also part of growing. (o:

  2. Stephen Says:

    Oh – and I love these paintings they are so full life and so subtle

  3. lesliepaints Says:

    Congratulations, Linda! That is a wonderful accomplishment. Both abstracts are beautiful!

    • Thanks Leslie…I have been reading the chapters on collage and multi-media painting in my Betts book “Masters Class in Watercolor” so there will be more to come! I like abstracts because they free my mind.

  4. Congrats Linda! Your work is always beautiful whether abstract or traditional.

  5. Beth Parker Says:

    Congratulations, Linda! I’m so happy for you! Both of these are beautiful! 🙂

  6. artimagica Says:

    Congratulations Linda! I adore Carnival. The colors and composition are wonderful. White Light is lovely as well. You do amazing work and I’m glad you are getting recognition for that!

  7. Hearts Arts Says:

    Yupo is sooooo much fun to work with; no worries about your most excellent work not being chosen for one juried show – the judging it is so subjective – you should be proud that seven of your eight pieces made the state fair and the abstracts show !

  8. Barry Coombs Says:

    Congratulations. After one of my annual rejections for art school scholarships, my mentor said I had to accept the decision but I didn’t have to respect it. The important thing is to stick with it.

  9. jiaying Says:

    very pretty ! i really love those pastel shades and am currently loving watercolors, but i’m not good at it yet though !

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