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August 17, 2010 August 17, 2010

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I have been out of touch – we had a funeral come up unexpectedly and my oldest grandson was married over the weekend. He is a farmer and the wedding was held under the trees with a lovely breeze blowing and was small and intimate. (With a BIG party afterwards!)

So today I finally put the doodles aside and painted a small realistic acrylic – very unusual for me! This is only the second realistic acrylic I’ve ever painted. It is of a giant oak tree that is the pride of our neighborhood. The old weathered branches swoop out and then down almost touching the ground. I call it The Giant and frequently visit it when we walk the dogs. It is so iconic that our neighborhood newsletter is named The Tree. It is not perfect but I was pleased with the way it turned out…

The Giant

I will replace this scan with a photo when I get new batteries for my camera – or a NEW camera! This is a 9″ X 12″ painting so my scanner cut off some of the painting. I mixed the acrylics with water and used them like watercolor – except I didn’t have to feel guilty for painting white highlights.


12 Responses to “August 17, 2010”

  1. Wonderful acrylic painting! I love all of the different colors within. It’s very hard to paint a lot of green and you did it well. Sorry to hear about the funeral, that’s hard. On a happier note, congrats on your grandson’s wedding!

  2. lesliepaints Says:

    What do you mean, not perfect? It’s absolutely gorgeous. I really am into all the colors you used for this. …and acrylic! For the life of me, I can’t do anything with that medium!

  3. Beth Parker Says:

    This is wonderful!!!! I love the bright colors and all the movement. Isn’t it funny how we get those guilt pangs for using black or white. Not me! I never went to art school, so I have every excuse to just be me! No RULES! 🙂

  4. An iconic tree is a wonderful thing. There ought to be more of them everywhere. I’m with Leslie, your image is great.

  5. Artswebshow Says:

    It a wonderful painting.
    great colours

  6. this is beautiful, I love trees and I can’t with to see the photo. sometimes the edges are as wonderful as the inner part of the painting
    peace n abundance,

  7. Alonso Says:

    Great looking painting you have there.

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