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August 11, 2010 August 12, 2010

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Well this was my grandsons’ last visit before they go back to school next week. We made dragon collages (they love fantasy and dragons). After we finished the dragon project Jakob and I did a shared watercolor painting. I did a mingling of colors. He painted over this and made it a beach scene with a BIG moon and then I added people and a dog walking on the beach. Jakob wants his Mom to post it on Facebook.

Fun – but I didn’t get photos today – the zippy little devils were gone too fast – but I did just scan my dragon.

Dragon Collage

Our dragons were not great but I think we are all learning from the activity. My dragon looks he’s from Dragontails! He is flying through pink and purple clouds strewing flowers and hearts.


12 Responses to “August 11, 2010”

  1. judy Says:

    What a glorious dragon! Those guys are more than fortunate to have such a groovy granny! 🙂

    • They both like art so we combine swimming and art, video games and computer and TV time when they visit. I am also teaching their oldest sister who is 22 how to do some basic cooking. She has become a wizzbang meatloaf maker!

  2. CarolKing Says:

    I love that you spend time with your grandsons creating art. This is very special and I bet they will remember this time with you for many years to come.

    It’s nice to see a dragon strewing flowers and hearts.

    • The two grandsons that have been visiting are both high functioning autistics so I am always focused on kinder, gentler subjects because they are really fixated with yugioh and fantasy subjects. I figure they see too much violence as it is.

  3. lesliepaints Says:

    It’s a Grandma Dragon!!!! I rather like it. The special thing is that your Grandsons are learning that they, too, can explore art other than in the classroom. It is a lifetime activity for the choosing. It does not have to be a career. How special that is.

    • Ian, the darek headed grandson, had a scratch drawing that he made a year or two ago exhibited in the Indiana State House with 99 other grade school kiddos. He told me two weeks ago that he wants to design BOARD games for a living. I thought that was super cool so I pick an activity and provide guidance and lots of different materials but then let them flex their creative muscles. It is amazing what you get!

  4. tcandec Says:

    How fun – Love it!

  5. Heather Says:

    Oh wow I love you dragon! Way cool – funny the boys were both darker and more primary colors. I love the colors of yours. I like the post that stated it was a Grandma Dragon, it does kinda remind me of my Grandmas. :o)

  6. aswirly Says:

    This is just so cute and clever. I love it!

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