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August 4, 2010 End of Summer Challenge August 5, 2010

I think “Challenge” is the wrong word. “Sharing” might be better! Recently Leslie started a new discussion by sharing many of her self portraits. This seems to be a topic of great interest for many of us. I would like to continue what Ryan (SmallTownDad) started in the Spring and Richard continued by challenging my fellow bloggers to share a recent self portrait. No rules for us! The self portrait can be a drawing, painting, a poem or a prose description – nothing is off limits – even music (wow that would be cool!). As Leslie demonstrated, a self-portrait does not have to be a face – it can be hands, feet or a posture! Please describe yourself for us and participate. We will all post our “Self Portraits” on September 21, 2010. Please post a note to my blog so everyone else will know you have posted. And please spread the word. This should be fun!

To start us thinking. I am including some older things I’ve done. The first is a quick 10 minute sketch from 1990.

Self Portrait 1990

Well, actually my eyes are smaller, my face is wider but my husband has always said he loves my firm, strong jaw and you can see it here. For 10 minutes work it is not bad.

Like Leslie I have also spent time drawing my hands. Is this a fascination? Maybe these represent me best? I think I draw so many hands because they are very challenging.


July 2009

Nov 2009


17 Responses to “August 4, 2010 End of Summer Challenge”

  1. Beth Parker Says:

    YAY!!! Our fall challenge. I have also been thinking about Leslie’s self portrait post. I am up for this “sharing” and it’s cool that you made the guidelines very broad. I love that idea! 🙂

    Good job on your sketches, by the way!

  2. lesliepaints Says:

    Absolutely great idea for a “sharing”, Linda. I’m in! I absolutely cannot draw something that complete in 10 minutes. That’s awesome. Those are wonderful hand studies. I think artists practice hands and feet because they are difficult to capture. Hands are so expressive and feet are “just there” but the artist needs to know them well enough to render them believable in many positions.

  3. CarolKing Says:

    hey, great post. I love your self-portrait even if your eyes are big! And those hands are fab.

    thanks for the “challenge” or “sharing” or whatever we will call it. I’m in!

  4. Artswebshow Says:

    In the past i did a lot of five and ten minute sketches.
    I’m well practiced at it now.
    But i know how difficult it is.
    And you’ve done really well.
    The thing i like about speed drawing is that it seems to stop the artist thinking too much.
    Which i feel often makes something a bit rigid and emotionless.
    Great job

    • Linda Halcomb Says:

      I hope you will participate. We did two painting challenges earlier this year and it was really interesting to see how diverse our visions and ideas are.

  5. Alex Zonis Says:

    I love this self-portrait sharing idea! I want to participate, not no commitment yet – there are too many things on my plate right now. I am thinking that maybe I will combine my sketchbook project and this idea in one: self-portrait can be a nice introductory page in the Art Co-op sketchbook. Two birds and all that 😀 !

    Your self-portrait is very well done! You are a beautiful woman! Did you work with a mirror or from a photo ref?

  6. Nice sketches! Self portraits are very hard to do!

  7. Sounds great to me, I hope to see you all on the 21st!

  8. xxavierismyname Says:

    ahoy linda, thanks for checking out my funny farm stuff, i’m glad you liked it. i’m into this fall challenge, i haven’t done a self portrait in a little while, i’ll drop one for the occasion.

  9. aloha Linda, cool. yeah, i had a hard time with the word “challenge” when i fist started playing in them too, at least until i got used to the idea that it wasnt competitive as much as just a way to explore and share and connect among art partners. …so i like your idea of – A Sharing – altho – a share – doesnt seem to work quite as well as – a challenge. most mail art people are used to the idea of challenges so no problem in that area for me.

    this is a cool challenge and the kind i like – a defined theme, that we are allowed to interpret in any way that we can connect up, as long as we see the connection to the theme our self. so yeah, i’m working on one – but i’m only playing if i get it done! bwaahahahaha. i’ve learned to commit to things only after i’ve done them in mail art. whew.

    way cool on your 10 minute self portrait and the hand sketches. i think as human beings anything that links us to our self or our condition (the human condition) takes on a special interest for a viewer. so yeah, i think artists often explore that area. and for any artist the most readily available subject we’ll ever have is our self. …and hands… are always there – or at least one of them – for us to see… which means our subject is constantly ready to be drawn.

    cool on, for Sept. 21. fun.

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