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July 26, 2010 July 26, 2010

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Today we delivered eight pieces to the Indiana State Fair for the Professional Fine Arts Competition – 3 watercolors, 3 drawings and 2 acrylic abstracts. Just filling out all the paperwork and making certain the framing was spotless was exhausting. I also entered two pieces in the Watercolor Society of Indiana’a Juried show two weeks ago and entered two Abstracts in the National Abstract Juried Competition. It has been a busy few weeks! Whew! I keep reminding myself that I’m a newbie and to get ready for the rejection…

I only have one more local competition later this year and my art is ready for that so now I can regroup. A lovely, very experienced, award winning, published Indiana watercolorist gave me a list of artists and books that she thinks are super. I recently read Notes on Painting, a book that includes notes from classes conducted by Charles Hawthorne. The notes were compiled by his wife from class notes and critiques. Short and helpful! She also told me about a book called Master Class in Watercolor written by Edward Betts. She said it was a little hard to find and expensive when you can find it but that it was the ultimate instreuction for watercolor artists. I found a copy and started reading it last night.

Master Class in Watercolor

I was shocked when I opened it and found that Betts painted realistic watercolors and abstract acrylics. A Split personality – JUST LIKE ME! I am working on the first chapter called Sketching on Location. Nothing radical here but he believes that artists need to build a library of sketchbooks that become resource material for their later paintings. This got me thinking about my sketchbooks. First of all I have only completed two sketchbooks. I have four in various sizes and materials in process. I thought I would show you the first page from each of these two completed sketchbooks. The first book covers the years 1983 to 2008 (obviously I didn’t sketch very often!) The first page is a colored pencil sketch of John Jump-ups. They are like a mini-pansies.

Sketchbook #1 - Pg 1

Sketchbook number 2 was started in late 2008. I was taking a class called Idea to Paper to Paint and the instructor had just discussed free form drawing to music, a tool used to loosen up and release creativity. I noted the names of the songs I was listening to. ..still like these songs!

Sketchbook #2 -pg 1

Are any of you willing to show a first page? It would be great!


6 Responses to “July 26, 2010”

  1. lesliepaints Says:

    The feet on my self portrait page is from my first sketchbook. Good fortune with your entries, Linda!

    • Leslie, I thought your sketch of your feet/shoes was wonderful. I have always sketched my hands but no other part of my body. Stuck in mybox!
      Your self portraits are incredible including all of the contour drawings.

  2. Good luck! I would love to see the show.

    • Ryan, If you come up to the State Fair all of the Professional Fine Arts will be on the first and third floors in the Family Arts Building. It is a large show and I always try to go out to enjoy the paintings.

  3. Jana Bouc Says:

    Congratulations on getting all of those submissions ready and done. I’ve gotten so lazy about submitting to shows and competitions. Today I was listening to an artists podcast and they said it was an important thing to do.

    • Jana, it is exciting but also exhausting. I have shown at the Indiana State Fair for the last two years. Over 100,000 people go through the building where the professional art is shown. I couldn’t get this level of visibility anywhere else in the state. Last year I sold a drawing and a watercolor so I was very pleased.

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