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July 21, 2010 July 21, 2010

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Jakob and Ian working on their Geometric Fantasy Paintings

Yesterday the grandsons and I worked on our second watercolor painting exercise. We did the same type of activity as the day before EXCEPT we developed a plan after we painted our colorful underpaintings. I had them use my engineering templates to develop a drawing using geometric shapes. Then they had to number each shape based on the layer they we in. (You can see Ian’s drawing in the photo.) We did negative painting to pull out each layer of objects. We were actually pretty rushed for time since they had to go home yesterday so they learned all about using a hairdryer to dry your watercolors faster and the painting was a little sloppy. I was really happy with what they did! I like the “Cherry” look of Ian’s painting and the abstract expressionist quality of Jakobs. Great day! Fun exercise!

Ian's Geometric Fantasy

Jakob's Geometric Fantasy

Oh yes, we also talked about how “framing” can make a painting more attractive and how to link objects together. Fun but we covered a lot!

Grandma's Geometric Fantasy


8 Responses to “July 21, 2010”

  1. Beth Parker Says:

    Hi Linda! I have not been making my regular blog stops lately and I have certainly missed a lot here! What a fun time you must have had with your grandsons! I love the artwork they did. The fantasy forest is especially wonderful! I enjoyed the paintings before that, too! Your blog is always a joy to visit! 🙂

    • Hi Beth, Like you I have not had time to cruise through the blogs like usual. I miss it! I really enjoyed the exercises with the boys. I think next time they visit I am going to work on basic drawing (how do you turn squares into boxes and circles into oranges type of thing) and color mixing. Should be fun!

  2. lesliepaints Says:

    What a great session! I like this geometric exercise and your grandsons did a great job on this.

    • Hi Leslie, even though these guys are 12 and 13 I am finding our that I have to keep things simple, straightforward and easy to explain and understand. For the exercises I did this week we worked in steps so they didn’t get overwhelmed. I think they were proud of their paintings. I will know they enjoyed oit when I hear they’ve been talking about it!

      • lesliepaints Says:

        If your grandsons ever get the “bug” to watercolor, in the future, they will have been introduced to some of the characteristics of it. It is a wonderful talent that you have that you can share with them.

  3. CarolKing Says:

    Great fun with you and your grandson’s. I loved the geometric watercolors. Wish I could have been in on the lesson.

  4. Artswebshow Says:

    these are cool.
    I like the abstract nature of them

  5. Francis Says:

    Nice workout with your grandson Linda. I like all three of the paintings, they just look so colorful and each have it’s distict style. Thanks for sharing.

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