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July 20, 2010 July 20, 2010

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Last week was super busy. My grandson is now in Afghanistan and he sent a “rush” request for things he needed. I made two shipments to him and started a third. We do not know where he is at in Afghanistan but he has moved into the countryside. AND last Saturday we had a shower for the fiance of my oldest grandson. They are getting married in mid-August. The shower was lovely and hosted by my youngest daughter who lives near South Bend and works for Notre Dame University. Her birthday was in late June so we ALSO celebrated that. Whew!!! It was a hectic week.

Ian and Jakob's Fantasy Forest Paintings

My youngest grandsons are staying with me for a few days so we did an art project yesterday.  I saw this activity on someone’s blog and I tried to find it again so I could give them credit but I couldn’t find the post. I thought this exercise was really interesting and created beautiful pieces so we gave it a try.

Jakob working on his Fantasy Forest

Ian starting Step 2

We wet our paper and just painted in colors allowing them to mingle and merge.   Then we drew in the outline of trees and painted the negative spaces. We did this again later and wound up with our very own versions of a Fantasy Forest.

Grandma's Fantasy Forest


9 Responses to “July 20, 2010”

  1. artimagica Says:

    What a wonderful project. I might have to try that out with my miniature collages. Your forest came out beautifful!

  2. Thank You! It was so much fun. We did a similar project today that I will post tomorrow.

  3. lesliepaints Says:

    These are wonderful paintings. I think your grandsons do incredible work. Reminds me a lot of negative space painting. Really good examples and beautiful colors used!

  4. CarolKing Says:

    God bless your grandson and keep him safe! Many of the guys that work with my husband on the NYPD have been over there. I can’t imagine what that’s like not only for him but for you and his family.

    Love your fantasy trees. I tried something like this once, but it didn’t come out nearly as well.

  5. Hearts Arts Says:

    What a terrific ‘art night’ with family 🙂 Beautiful forests!

  6. Jana Bouc Says:

    Well even though you don’t recall where you saw the activity, now I’ve seen it on your blog and it’s great! I was looking for a project to do with my watercolor class involving negative painting and this is just perfect. May I print out your painting to use as an example for the class (with credit to you/your blog? It’s stunning!


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