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July 8, 2010 July 8, 2010

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Another day of playing around. I love working with what Judi Betts calls the Desert Triad – Indian Red, Cerulean Blue and Yellow Ochre. It always seem to create work where the colors are in harmony. They mingle to make lovely neutrals. I started with my Sumi-e ink and bamboo pen and draw the abstraction of a canyon.  The painting was very straight forward but I did use a little salt to give some texture.

Canyon Abstract


19 Responses to “July 8, 2010”

  1. Love the colors! The painting also reminds me of Native American inlay jewelery.

  2. i like this. without knowing it’s abstracted from a canyon i’d still like the way the work feels. the warm and cool of it, the large spaces and smaller detail. it’s fun to follow cracks in stone. i also have to say i like what Judi Betts does a lot too. yeah, fun to find and explore in those kind of color combinations that seem to work in surprising ways. i like the way Indian Yellow and French Ultramarine Blue create beautiful grays too.

    • Thanks Wric. While we were down in Madison I was thinking about your stone pieces. I just finished a little book that is collected information from Charles Hawthorne. He says to find something ugly and to paint the beauty in it. I don’t think stones are ugly but they are not something we typically think of as beautiful and you made them interesting and beautiful.

      • aloha Linda – hey. that’s cool. i like the way you are thinking about rocks and stones. even tho i know i’ve always liked rocks, my thinking about them does change. bonsai gave me an entirely new way to see stones. because of that i began to see beauty in stones i hadnt considered particularly interesting or attractive. now every stone is special and has it’s own unique beauty.

        your comment about what Charles Hawthorne said reminds me of a quote i like by Helen Van Wyk (i’ve probably mentioned it before – i hope not too often!):

        “It’s not what you paint. It’s how you paint it. You dont have to paint elaborate things. Paint simple things as beautifully as you can”

        ha. i have rocks on my desk – beautiful rocks. i used two of them to hold the book open while i wrote that quote.

        cool too, to be thinking about art and painting where ever we go, yes. way cool. and fun. and fun is good, yes – aloha – Wrick

  3. Beth Parker Says:

    I love this, Linda. The colors are really yummy!! Keep playing, cause I am enjoying it!

  4. oh, my! sexual in a georgia o’keefe kind of way. that being said, i love that combo of colors, too. i’ve got a stephen quiller book and will be experimenting with his color ideas. does anyone else follow his guidelines. should i invest in his watercolor palette to help make it easier?

    • Earlier this year I finished the exercises in my Stephan Quiller book Color Choices. If you browse through my January, February and maybe March posts you can see some of my exercises. I use some of his thinking everytime I paint now. I made sure I have his primary and secondary colors to work with. I use his color wheel occasionally too.

  5. lesliepaints Says:

    This is beautiful,Linda. It is almost like you took the composition from the previous post and explored it. The colors are gorgeous.

  6. I love how the painting comes together. I love this type of painting!

  7. CarolKing Says:

    I love this too, Linda. The shapes, and colors are great.

  8. Stephen Says:

    You are getting a lot of support for this approach and I hope you do more – this is a lovely piece

    • Thanks Stephen. I love the desert triad and Georgia O’Keefe is one of my favorite artists. My plan for late 2010 is to focus on landscapes rather than florals. I think I did this unconsiously with that in mind.

  9. Hi Linda,
    I looked through much of your site, especially the watercolors sections and have really enjoyed your color compbinations. This abstract canyon piece is very cool. I love the simplicity and almost stained glass effect, particularly in the center in the v shape. Very nice.
    I will be checking back in and I certainly appreciated your feedback.

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