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June 25, 2010 June 26, 2010

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Yesterday was my birthday – not one of the big milestone ones and as I get older they just blend into any other day. My grandsons visited and swimming was the major activity but we also talked about our next art project. They couldn’t quite “get it” so while they were in the pool I made this sample with watercolor markers.

Art Exercise 2

As you may have heard (ok MANY times) I love geometry so I had to incorporate a little of that and the feather is inspired by my friend Wric (visit his blog by clicking on 19 Planets in my Blogroll) who has been doing fun things with feathers. We decided this was a little too complicated for them so the next time they are out we are going to create a simpler version of the same thing. It was so much fun!


4 Responses to “June 25, 2010”

  1. hahahahaha – aloha Linda – that feather is so fun. the spiral curl is a treat! fun too the way it bounces off the spheres (for me they have depth – so i see them as spheres rather than circles) – and then another layer beyond with the rectangle suggestions… yeah. fun depth. fun layers. …and i like the feather a lot.

  2. CarolKing Says:


    Love the geometric watercolor and the feather.

    • Thank you Carol. I got my real celebration today. We went to a national Indian Market and Festival at the Eiteljorg Museum for the Art of the American West. My husband bought me a bear fetish to give me strength, perseverence and depth of spirit. It is beautiful.

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