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June 20, 2010 June 21, 2010

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My grandsons stayed with me this weekend and we did an artsy activity. My youngest grandson wanted to use my studio to do a “private” painting. HMMM?  Was I surprised when his painting was The Elements. He made a painting that was typical for a young person but was really good for his age and ability. This provided an opportunity for me to do a little teaching about design. We talked about how you want to add interest to a painting through variety, first having spaces that are of different sizes and using things in odd numbers rather than even numbers. We all sat together and did a new painting, actually a drawing with markers and colored pencils, and talked about these points again and again while I gave examples as we worked. I wish I had time to photograph their work but they wanted to rush home and show Mom. Here is my effort.

The Elements

The left edge is cut off – the lower section is Earth – but you get the idea. This was fun and I will find out this Friday when they visit again if they remember what we discussed. By the way, I didn’t realize light and dark were elements. Is this right?

I have been rather discouraged recently because I have only been able to spend time on art three or four days a week. I have not been working in the evening or even at the art museum where I was doing sketching and colored pencil drawings earlier this year. Last night I gave myself a pep talk and got out my little sketchbook.  I have been thinking about doing a drawing based on the phrase “Something evil this way comes” so I did a little drawing to see what I could come up with

Preliminary Drawing - Something Evil This Way Comes

I thought this approach was OK but I will probably switch to a frontal view. I like the eyes looking up. The features are all made up and this is not based on a photo or anyone I know. Gives me more freedom!

My lighthouse painting is finished and I will post it later today!


3 Responses to “June 20, 2010”

  1. lesliepaints Says:

    This is absolutely a fantastic portrait! WOW! without reference! WOW!
    It’s fun painting with the grand kids. I like that time spent with mine very much……
    Bring on the lighthouse!

  2. Heather Says:

    The drawing kinda looks like Jafar from Aladan. I love the elements. It would look great in the boys room…hint hint, and they would love to have some of your artwork.

  3. whimsyway Says:

    What a lovely painting and a great idea! Just for reference, fire and light are energy, and I believe wind is as well. Water is a compound of 2 elements, Hydrogen and Oxygen. 🙂

    That drawing is amazing…very scary! 🙂

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