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June 7, 2010 June 8, 2010

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Yesterday was a lovely slow day. I have almost nothing on my calendar this week and my knee and back are healing nicely. First I wanted to show you my “enhanced” painting of the purple iris. I think the painting has more energy and depth. I am too timid with color sometimes! But

"Enhanced" Purple Iris

I learn a lot every time I try to enhance a painting I thought was complete (sometimes I “learn” how to make mudpies!)

Yesterday I spend several hours practicing the Zhuan Script. Zhuan is important to the history of Chinese manuscripts and is in the middle between pictographs and modern scripts. (9th century to 2nd century BCE) Characters are generally upright, level and straight. Below is the character for Holy. My proportions are a little off. Grab the top and the bottom and stretch it and you will have it.

"Holy" Zhuan Script

Fish - Zhuan Script

Sky and Horse - Zhuan Script

In this script I found the characters for the names of animals to be really interesting because they are so similar visually to the real thing. And I think the symbol for Sky leads you right into their way of thinking about their environment. Fun! I am learning new strokes with each script so this is really good practice.


3 Responses to “June 7, 2010”

  1. Francis Says:

    Wow, those Zhuan lettering is really unik. I can recognises the hourse character only as it is quite similar to current chinese writing but the rest i guess they evolve since Zhuan times. Great job Linda. I’am glad you are feeling better now. You have a great and wondeerful week ahead.

  2. lesliepaints Says:

    Love the warm light shining through the irises. White squares, above is so super experimental as are your letters. Thanks for sharing all this, Linda!

  3. aloha Linda – i too find ancient writings, pictographs and so on to be fascinating – it’s fun to watch you exploring these.

    my brush stroke practice made me think about every stroke in a painting even when i wasnt working with brush stroke painting concepts.

    another lesson i adopted from that study was the idea that when i sketch or draw or “practice” even a brush stroke, consider what i’m doing in relationship to my paper or surface. working as if even the brush strokes were to be finished compositions or finished works, began to be my practice for any doodle or scratch on any surface. i like that because now i approach any thing i do with the same thinking whether it’s a study or finished work. this makes approaching a composition for finished work easy and familiar because i’m doing it all the time.

    i like what you are doing here. using them as ATC subjects/themes is very cool.

    good wishes for your mending process to continue – aloha – Wrick

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