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May 22, 2010 May 22, 2010

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Horrible, busy week! Today I do my fifth tour of the week (at the art museum). Five tours and all different! I am also plugging away but not happy with my Iris painting. So now I will stop whining! So sorry…

I thought I would share another 2007 painting that shows how I incorporate my love of geometry. I did three paintings in this series. This particular one was one of the first paintings I ever sold. I still love this design concept (by the way, courtesy of Judy Betts) and am thinking about whether to use it again in combination with the florals I am currently fascinated by … ah, the wheels they are a’turnin’.

Apples & Circles #3

I hope to have something new to show Sunday or Monday. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend painting!


12 Responses to “May 22, 2010”

  1. aloha Linda – Judy Betts is outstanding. look at the power and focus you’ve created in this. it’s a gem. i like the way every thing we do and try shows up in our work. …even when we are as busy and frantic as a bee hive seems… there is order. great intensity in your color. i like that. crank ‘dem wheels – they have a lot going for you. You, have a lot going for you. …and of course have fun too… aloha – Wrick

  2. CarolKing Says:

    Linda, this is really wonderful. I love the apples and the circles and the whole feeling of movement you’ve created. This is so different and interesting. You’ve inspired me to try something like this! (Hope you don’t mind.) : )

    • Carol, I thought it was fun to match the circles and the apples. I also did a building and squares. Maybe I could do triangles and a bunch of grapes? This kind of fun painting just frees my mind!

  3. Lovely Linda, such bright fun colours 🙂

  4. lesliepaints Says:

    Bright, cheery and Rolling comes to mind. Beautiful, Linda!

    • Leslie, I missed the rolling effect until you mentioned it but it does seem to almost ripple. I did this with Winsor blue, winsor red and winsor yellow primarily. This was one of my attempts to use only primary colors. Really fun to do.

  5. artimagica Says:

    Mmmmm. I love the clear, bright colors. The relationship between the apples and the circles is wonderful and engaging. Great work. Hope you had a great weekend!

  6. Beth Parker Says:

    I’m enjoying these geometric paintings very much, Linda! I love the apples with the circles!!! I can’t wait for flowers and squares. 🙂

  7. Stephen Says:

    this is such clean, clear work – the apples are nice and juicy

  8. jhitzig Says:

    mmm. Delicious.

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