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May 2, 2010 May 3, 2010

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I used a full sheet of Yupo yesterday to paint a new abstract. I was a little tired after the wedding on Saturday night and this type of painting allows my mind to play. I am still obsessing over squares and have a couple of additional paintings in mind. This painting is called American Square. With it I tried to show that , while our patriotism may be a little tattered and torn, a little worn, it still is strong. I am not quite happy with the painting yet so it may get a few changes this week but it was a pleasure to plan and to paint.

American Square, Acrylic on Yupo, 20" X 26"

I am still having difficulty photographing the Yupo. Even with the flash off I still get glare and it shows on this photograph. Sorry…I keep trying.


3 Responses to “May 2, 2010”

  1. lesliepaints Says:

    I like all this experimenting with the square. This is great to get this kind of control on YUPO. Love the title.
    Was there light coming in from a window or a lamp when you took the photograph? The shiny surface of Yupo will pick that up. Try photographing during the day away from a window? and no flash and see what you get?

    • lindahalcombfineart Says:

      Leslie, Thanks for the ideas. I have figured out how to turn off the flash on the camera but for this photo I had the painting on the floor and shot down at it. It was under florescent light because I usually shoot photos for my blog early in the morning. Based on the input from you and Cindy I think my next try will be outside under natural light. Yupo is so reflective that it gives a horrible amount of light bouncing back.

  2. cindyinsd Says:

    That is really cool. I have a couple sheets of Yupo, but haven’t gotten around to trying them. I had no idea whatsoever what to do with it, though. I love your idea, and it’s turned out great.

    As for the photograph, Leslie’s right. It doesn’t take much unplanned light to make it shine. Ideally, you want a still, cloudy day and take the photo outside. If you can’t get one of those, a light box with filtered light is nice. The main thing is not to have any concentrated source of light shining on your picture. It should all be ambient light. Hey, if you have some translucent white fabric, maybe you could drape it over yourself and the artwork and try getting a photo that way? Just thinking . . .

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