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April 20, 2010 April 22, 2010

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I had fun doing another ATC on Tuesday. The ATC’s are nice because they are small so the materials are cheap and they don’t take a lot of time to complete. They are a great for experiementation. Since late last year I have been trying out new materials for my watercolor paintings. I recently bought a set of Cheap Joe’s Watercolor crayons. A friend of mine used a set from Daniel Smith during a plein air workshop last summer. They seem easy to transport and like they might be useful for plein air so I bought the smallest, simplest set to try out. I did this small ATC of tulips from a photo I took in my yard.

Spring Tulips - ATC

I scanned the painting and also shot a photo. This is the photo but neither the scan nor the ATC captured the softness in the actual painting.

It was fun but challenging playing with the crayons. I had a horrible problem with the outer wax that coats the crayons. I had to scrub the tip of the crayon to remove the wax and then dip a wet brush into the hole I had rubbed in the tip. When I tried coloring on the paper I thought it left too much crayon and it was hard to dissolve. It probably still had outer wax mixed with the color on the paper. Suggestions anyone?

I’m off to work on a study report on Jean Baptiste Carpeaux for my study group at the IMA. We have his bust The Negress that I find moving and incredibly beautiful.


12 Responses to “April 20, 2010”

  1. Ji Says:

    lovely art,
    award winning post!

  2. They are gorgeous, Linda! So soft and…feminine, I guess. I haven’t tried the watercolor sticks yet – I am currently experimenting with Shiva oil sticks, actually. They don’t have a wax coating, but something similar – they form a film on the surface of the stick, which you then have to peel off every time it’s been more than 24 hours since you last used it.

  3. lesliepaints Says:

    I have not tried the watercolor sticks, yet, either so can’t help you there. I love this ATC, however! The colors are absolutely beautiful and the “wet” look is stunning!

  4. cindyinsd Says:

    Your tulips are enchanting! I love the colors you chose, and if the painting is even softer than this, I’ll bet it’s gorgeous. Congrats on a thing of beauty!

    I have some watercolor crayons at the art center where I teach, and they don’t melt well, either. They don’t even lay down much color dry. I don’t think it’s a wax coating, but probably the general cheapness of the product in my case–don’t know about the Cheap Joe’s brand.

    I shaved up a piece of a blue one into teeny crumbles and still couldn’t get it to dissolve. I didn’t try a solvent–maybe some alcohol or odorless turpentine or benzol or similar would work. You shouldn’t need that, but since you already have the crayons . . . .

    Now you have inspired me. I’m going to try to find my ATCs which I have never used and make a wee painting.

    Love, Cindy

  5. cindyinsd Says:

    Oh yes . . . Yevgenia, I wonder if it would help to keep the oil sticks in a plastic bag between uses? Or maybe you’re already doing that. Just a thought.

  6. aguasulis Says:

    Your ATCs and painting are incredible. What are you doing with these? Are you trading anywhere?

    • Right now I am saving the toy ATC paintings to give to family with their Christmas cards (the toys are family toys that my grandkids played with.) The flowers I may send as thank yous to people that have encouraged me and supported my blog. Do you trade? What trading site do you use?

  7. Hello,

    Oh my! I enjoyed looking through your paintings. It looks like fun! I like your tulips and the garden stair – beautiful. That’s one thing I admire about people who uses watercolors

    I don’t know how but thanks for your time stopping by mine and actually encouraging me 🙂 Now I am even more excited. I will try and do just that and other things too. 🙂

  8. tape Says:

    love this one, beautiful :]

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