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April 19, 2010 April 20, 2010

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I had a productive day yesterday. We had a Watercolor Society of Indiana Board meeting and I presented the status of our new Scholarship program. I have received applications from 11 applicants and I think this is really wonderful for the first year. The applications are full of creativity, technical skill and innovation. I LOVE working with activities that help young people grow.

I finished my painting of apple blossoms (actually crabapple blossoms to be transparent – isn’t that the current fad word?) and it is in the “living with it” phase. I am very happy with it at this point and can’t immediately see anything I want to improve but…you never know.

Apple Blossoms, 140# Arches Paper, Transparent Watercolor, 5" X 8"

I worked from two really good digital photos taken in my yard. I like the nostalgic feel of the painting. Today I will be out in the neighborhood walking the critters and taking photos of the dogwood that are in glorious bloom. I hope you have sunshine and enjoy a beautiful day my friends.


8 Responses to “April 19, 2010”

  1. yeah. that tastes juicy, like spring and watercolors both.

  2. So clean and beautiful, you’re an absolute talent!

  3. I love this…It just sings of the freshness of Spring. Very delicate and musical.

  4. lesliepaints Says:

    Linda, this is BEAUTIFUL! It is my very favorite so far of your paintings! It looks like you are living the colors of this and just effortlessly painted it.

  5. Beautiful Linda, they look so fresh, I can just imagine how lovely they must smell.

  6. idcoach Says:

    Fresh and delicate blossom – you’ve captured the Spring mood perfectly!

  7. Stephen Says:

    I really like this work – I love how you take us from a blue in one corner to yellow in the opposite – by a beautiful route – good watercolour

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