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April 12, 2010 April 13, 2010

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Yesterday was beautiful…I planted pansies and sat at my patio table to paint ATC’s. I decided to start with an ATC of the blossoms from my crabapple tree. They are in bloom for such a short time I thought I had better be quick or I would lose my chance. I may work on a slightly larger painting today. Maybe…

Crabapple Tree Blossoms - ATC

Then I decided to do another ATC of a toy belonging to my grandchildren. This one was really fun…thinking of my rowdy, all boy grandsons, I called it Bam Bam 1.

Bam Bam 1 - ATC

Both were painted on Strathmore Watercolor ATC paper with transparent watercolor and to the music of the birds in the background.


16 Responses to “April 12, 2010”

  1. Beth Parker Says:

    These are great, Linda! I really love the crabapple blossom. That would make a wonderful large painting! 🙂

  2. lesliepaints Says:

    Wonderful spontaneity in the crabapple blossoms. Isn’t it interesting how different it is to paint something man-made than what nature made? I love how you changed your brushstrokes and handled the watercolor to account for the differences. 🙂 Nice post!

  3. Sydni Kruger Says:

    Lovely blossoms ~ and Bam Bam is cute!

  4. artimagica Says:

    Linda, these are great. So in tune with this short but wonderful season. I’ve created a few ATC’s but find it hard to work so small. I think I’ll try some of my postcard techniques as ATC’s!

  5. idcoach Says:

    I love the apple blossom – can’t wait to see a larger version. We are a little behind with blossom in the UK, but I shall keep an eye on the trees for the perfect moment and compare notes with you soon!

  6. Francis Jong Says:

    Nice work Linda. The flower and the toy both look so adorable. I like the colors, they are just vibrant.

  7. aloha Linda – i like the unexpected use of yellow as background in the apple blossoms. i also like that you respond to the world as it is around you. that is a remarkable issue to address in art (imo). it’s one of our states as a human being that we are aware of and interact with as our self – excellent.

    • Mahalo, Rick! Your kind words are appreciated. Are you a fan of the music of Brother IZ?

      • aloha Linda – yw. i like a lot of his music. he was a very gentle being in many ways – that’s the message i get – altho i did not personally know him. his version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow is stunning and beautiful at the same time – imo. he has others that are just as potent tho.

      • Aloha Rick. I love his music. When we visited Hawaii I bought two of his CD’s and a DVD about his life. He was a gentle and creative spirit. I also brought my brother a CD of slack string guitar music from the islands. He plays anything with strings but started with the guitar.

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