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April 9, 2010 April 8, 2010

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Hi All! I don’t have a painting to post today but I received an email from a friend that is a very experienced Sumi-e painter. It contains information that I thought you might find useful so I thought I would share.

“I made a list of all the water color pigments that are safe for Asian brush painting for my classmates.  All colors have to be permanent if you plan to wet mount.  I don’t think they plan to use western watercolors but that’s the way I was taught.  I thought you might find it useful:

Pigments that are safe for Chinese Brush Painting

Gouache colors for landscape painting (opaque): Cadmium yellow pale, Cadmium yellow deep, Cadmium orange, Cadmium red, Cobalt blue,  Winsor green, Dr. Ph. Martin*s bleed proof white

Water colors for flowers: Cadmium yellow pale, Permanent alizarin crimson, Permanent rose, Burnt Sienna, Cadmium red, Ultramarine blue, Indigo, Cerulean blue

All colors are available from Windsor Newton (except the bleed proof white).”


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