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April 2, 2010 April 3, 2010

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Ken and I volunteered at the art museum yesterday so I did not have much concentrated time to work on my painting. I was able to focus on the background and it is almost completed. As I’ve mentioned I am trying to use a fairly rigorous process for this painting instead of my spontaneous, jump-right-in process. Now many of you may not believe this but I don’t normally test my colors before I start using them. I paint this way normally because I usually use pure colors that have not been mixed and little or no glazing. This time I have been testing colors as I use them and it saved my painting! For the background I wanted something fairly dramatic so I was using an approach talked about in American Artist Watercolor magazine this quarter. You glaze quin gold, alizarin crimson and ultramarine blue. I did the first two layers (gold and crimson) and it looked pretty good but when I tested the ultrmarine blue as the final glaze it turned to mud…even when I sprayed the paper with water and just tried dropping in color. This COULD HAVE BEEN A DISASTER! Luckily I had not touched my painting. I did several studies and worked out an approach using Winsor Violet and Winsor Blue. I may have a little bit of adjusting to do but I am ready to move on to the Cowgirl. Now my knees are shaking as well as my hands!

Cowgirl Painting with Background 95% Complete


10 Responses to “April 2, 2010”

  1. cindyinsd Says:

    I love the richness of the background–so glad you didn’t ruin it. Can’t wait to see the lady take on some color.

  2. Alina Says:

    The background is great!
    The colors are full of joy!
    The lady is much beautiful now! 😉

    Have a wonderful day,my friend!! 🙂

  3. Yousei Hime Says:

    So glad you have the experience and patience to practice before approaching the true painting. I’ve neither and botched things a few times. Guess my kids stubbornness does come from both sides of the family. 😉

  4. lesliepaints Says:

    Great colors for the background, Linda! It reminds me of warm early AM darkness and mimics the color of coffee, too!

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