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March 24, 2010 March 24, 2010

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It is time to post the  painting I did for the Spring Challenge posted by Small Town Dad. I can’t wait to see the other paintings.

Springtime Challenge

I used a process that is used often in watercolor painting but that I had never used. I did small thumbnails to decide on the composition I wanted to paint than I transferred the composition to a 140# Arches CP paper. I masked the flowers and buds and then sprayed the paper with water. I splattered various greens, golds and yellows over the paper. I let this dry and then painted in broad brush strokes of green on the botton and yellow on the top of the composition. Next step was to remove the mask and paint the flowers, stems and buds. I then remasked the flowers, did more spraying, splattered, splotching, touching, and fiddling. Removed the masking and did final touch up all over the painting. It worked fairly well and I have learned alot. The only thing I am unhappy with is the effect on the surface of the paper from rubbing off multiple layers of masking. The second layer had too much water on the brush when dipping into the mask so the mask layer was thin and hard to rub off. Oh yes, and my poppies look like tulips!  Anyway…enjoy this lovely Spring day.


10 Responses to “March 24, 2010”

  1. thewhiteswan Says:

    very creative Linda! I love that you came up with your own composition completely. Thanks for posting your process, I now see that that’s what I should have done as well to get the effect I was after. Seems rather obvious to me now, but it never occurred to me. Oh well, maybe I’ll try a third time,………:)

  2. Beth Parker Says:

    Linda, your poppies definitely look like poppies, not tulips. 🙂 This is a beautiful painting! Thanks for explaining how you did it, too.

  3. Naomi Says:

    Who cares what they look like?? If you like them, that is what matters (at least I think so). And if you apply the spirit of Asian painting, you have certainly caught the spirit of springtime flowers.

  4. Poppies absolutely look like poppies, and beautiful they are. I love the way you took the reference and made it your own, this is what I was hoping for, and you did it so beautifully!
    Thank you for your excitement and taking the time to join in on the fun!

  5. lesliepaints Says:

    My first thought as I saw this was she captured a bouquet of SPRING! Very creative and inviting! I like all the techniques you used.

  6. I also love how you’ve taken the reference and made it your own. Looks so lovely and the poppies are fantastic.

  7. CarolKing Says:

    Hi Linda, love your poppy version. You have captured the essence of the reference photo without copying it exactly. Your flowers are delicate and I love the greens.

  8. this is wonderful. Love play of yellow thru-out and your style is fabulous
    peace n abundance

  9. Alina Says:

    Beautiful painting,Linda! 🙂
    I like a lot the colors that you use it 😉
    It’s full of joy and now i’m really sure that spring is here 😉

    Enjoy the moment!! 🙂

  10. OH yeah, if you still need convincing, your poppies look definitely like delicate poppies. Lovely.

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