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March 14, 2010 March 15, 2010

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On Friday night we had our monthly “Family Night”. I had just picked up my two big abstracts (posted February 4 and February 21) from the framing shop. My sister-in-law was looking at them and she really loved the one I call White Light. She said “This is a wedding. I feel like I’m at a wedding.” When I paint these large abtracts I think about ideas for days or weeks and then they just roll out of me when I start to paint. I took what Kandi said and began to think about how I would paint a theme of “heart light” or “love light”. This was very easy for me to envision since I have a great deal of love in my life. I am lucky to have big hearted family, friends and even professional associates. All of these people have changed my life. The painting was quick and instinctual.

Heart Light, Acrylic on Yupo, 13" X 20"


2 Responses to “March 14, 2010”

  1. Carol King Says:

    Another beautiful painting. I really like the light colors in this one.

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