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March 7, 2010 March 8, 2010

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Yesterday was a very quiet, sunny, lovely day. We were able to take the dogs for the longest walk yet and they were ecstatic. Ft Ben State Park, where we usually walk, has a number of large trees that always draw my attention. When I see them a name always pops into my mind.  One of them is old, broken and weathered. It has a large hole where it has lost a large limb or part of the trunk. This area is decaying and falling away. I call this tree the old warrir because I envision an old, scarred warrior looking out of his cloak. His face is in deep shadow and full of wisdom, pain and knowledge. Last fall I took some digital photos of the tree which is still alive and covered with leaves and sits in the middle of smaller trees which protect it like an army.

Photo of the Old Warrior

I have always wanted to draw or paint this tree. Yesterday I finally did a drawing using my three recently discovered gray markers and a couple of black markers with differing tips. I don’t think I will paint this but I may do another graphite or charcoal drawing. Black and white seem to capture the age and dignity I feel when I look at my friend.

The Old Warrior

As we watched the pre-Oscar shows last night I was antsy and, while looking through a magazine published by the Indiana Historical Society, saw several reproductions of old sepia photographs. I liked the satisfaction in this woman’s rather unusual face. She was looking down at a violin in the lap of a husband or brother. All-in-all a productive day.

Looking Down - Colored Pencil Drawing


9 Responses to “March 7, 2010”

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading through your blog. You draw and paint beautifully. Would you mind If I link you in my blog roll?


  2. I’m really liking the gray marker thing! What a terrific sketch of this old warrior. Again when I walk upon an old tree like this, it makes me wonder what all it has seen and lived through. Presidents, wars, inventions and everyday living has come and gone, yet this wonder of nature still stands. Very cool!

    • Ryan, Just wanted to let you know the markers I’m using are Prismacolor Premier with duo tips (fine and broad) in cool gray 20%, 50% and 80%. I am really enjoying them. I think I got them 2 years ago at Prizm Art Supply here in Indy. Linda

  3. artimagica Says:

    Your drawing of Old Warrior is beautiful and the color palette is perfect. Glad I stopped in…

  4. lesliepaints Says:

    Your tree is a beautiful drawing. Nice value study. The lady is too funny. I think she has just had her first sip of coffee of a morning and savoring it! 🙂 Really nice drawings, Linda.

  5. thewhiteswan Says:

    The tree is a beautiful drawing, you definitely captured the dignity. I would love to see you do it in charcoal/graphite.

  6. damien Says:

    I love the Old Warrior. The shades of grey are wonderful. Thanks.

  7. erik r davis Says:

    Love the tree rendering! I’m a huge fan of nature and pen & ink. Leaving the white of the paper for the leaves overlapping the tree is fantastic!
    Great piece! Erik

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