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February 28, 2010 February 28, 2010

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I have been tied up for a couple of days. Three sick dogs and a husband only a week after surgery, three tours in three galleries at the IMA, but who’s complaining?  Dogs are pretty well recovered, Ken is progressing well and I had interested, interesting people on my tours so life is good. The down period has given me time to plan my next painting – in my head anyway. Are you like me? I wish I did as much painting on paper as I do in my head!

I decided to flex my watercolor muscles by using the knowledge I’ve gain through my colored pencil portraits to paint my first ever watercolor portrait. I decided to use the face of a little girl that moved me when I saw it in National Geographic – I know I shouldn’t be working from NG photos but I wanted to focus my time on painting. This was intended to be an exercise not a painting for sale – and like I said her face spoke to me. I completed the painting today. I used layers of lots of different colors to get the modeling and the skin tones. I wound up cropping the painting since I really did a sloppy job on the bottom part of her torso and the background but I was pretty happy with my first watercolor face. I have done graphite and colored pencil portraits and it was really difficult giving up the control I feel with pencils.  Here she is.

The Waif


6 Responses to “February 28, 2010”

  1. lesliepaints Says:

    This is better than my first watercolor portrait of a person, Linda. 🙂 Good job. There is some good reference material on wet canvas for portraiture. I was able to manage figuring out the reference library, there. It has been great for helping me find versatile subject material.

    • Thank you Leslie. I will check outr wet canvas. I also want to look at the reference sight you mentioned that use to find reference photos. That might prove helpful in the future. Maybe I can get my Dancers painting moving again.

      • lesliepaints Says:

        The reference site I mention and Beth Parker mentions is wet That is the only reference site for copyright free photos for artists that I know of.

  2. Damien Says:

    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I really like this portrait as well as many others on your site. I find portraits very difficult, especially if the subject is not in profile – there’s something illusive about getting the nose right!

  3. Nice painting! Keep it up!:)

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