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February 24, 2010 February 25, 2010

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Ken was ready to leave the house today so we ran several errands. It is always good, after several days stuck indoors, to “blow the stick off” as my charming husband says.

Last night I took some time to play with my Sketch and Wash pencils again. A little sketch book is definitely not sturdy enough to do this properly but I am learning. I have heard of but had never tried the grisaille technique and I thought the pencils might provide a good tool for this. I did two small heads by drawing the face with the Sketch & Wash pencil, using clear water to create gray washes and then applying color with colored pencils.

The Wanderer

I am not sure if I like the technique and I really do not like these pencils based on my experiences to date but I am going to keep experiementing and to be fair to use different/better paper next time. I just have to decide what that is.

The Merchant


12 Responses to “February 24, 2010”

  1. Carol King Says:

    I like your drawings very much. I’ve never quite enjoyed working with pencils.

    • I also struggle with them. I do like the fact that they are so portable and that I can carry a small sketchbook and a small case of pencils. I worked on these two pieces while watching the Olympics. Thank you for looking and commenting. It is really a positive experience. I even enjoy other artists’ critiques!

  2. noelgarner Says:

    Well, I agree with Carol, I admire your use of the coloured pencils, but I too have struggled to work well with them. I have the same difficulty with carre pastels. Hope you keep using and developing them.

  3. Great sketches.

    Also not a fan of pencils, I could never get them to flow the way I wanted.

    • I have heard from an instructor at the Indianap[olis Art Center that Berol colored pencils are creamier and the only onesthat give good coverage and flow. My actual drawings are not as grainy looking as the scans make them look but I agree colored pencil does have problems as a medium. Thank you for looking!

  4. lesliepaints Says:

    I like drawing, Linda! These little portraits are cool. I did not like the graphite wash pencils. They were too light and I wanted them to do more. Ink and wash is meant for that wonderful look of line and wash. I don’t care much for watercolor colored pencils, either. I DO like Prismacolor colored pencils. A nice grisaille can be managed using indigo blue colored pencil with tuscan red colored pencil layered on top, for your darks. Then apply color with your other colors to the entire piece.Very time consuming. Graphite seems to have that shiny gray look under the color. Keep sharing the experiments. I love what you are doing.

    • Leslie, You are right on the money about the wash pencils! The washes I am getting are either very dark or very light. I can’t get anything in between…and once they dry they are set. Very frustrating. I love to draw and want to do more but I have never worked with charcoal. As you mentioned graphite has a shine that is beginning to bother me. That is one reason I am beginning to look at other “drawing tools”.

      • lesliepaints Says:

        Hi Linda. I don’tmind regular graphite drawings. The shine I was talking about is the glow through a transparent medium like watercolor. When doing a pencil drawing I do not press hard enough to get that shiny experience. I layer, to build up my darks.
        I do like graphite line showing here and there in a watercolor just because it shows the artist’s entire process, but those marks are not large shaded patches.

  5. bingibongi Says:

    I like these – coloured pencils are horrendously difficult to get the best out off -it takes time and skill to get good results from them.

    Technically of course grisaille is a grey shading technique so once you added the colour they ceased to be grisaille studies 🙂

    • Thank you for looking and commenting. I have been looking for the Berol brand colored pencils. They are a little hard to find but they are supposed to be creamier giving better coverage and transitions. I found a set on Amazon but I haven’t ordered them yet.

  6. Naomi Says:

    Hi Linda – we always have to try things to find out what we like and don’t like – the same with different art media! I’m with you about colored pencils in general. One thing I have found is that I like them better on paper used for pastel, but that makes using the watercolor ones much worse once the paper is wet! Maybe a mounted pastel paper would help. The tooth of the sketchbook paper is too much for most pencils. Hot press watercolor paper is better, I think. I like your sketches, and it is fun to watch you paintings evolve from your drawings. –N

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