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February 23, 2010 February 24, 2010

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It is Tuesday and that means drawing with Irina. She had another assemblage of unusual, fun and quirky artifacts.

Drawing for Painters Set Up 02232010

The cow is all skewed and twisted. It is in reality a candlestick. It has on boots and the head comes out the side, the udder is off center and the tail comes out another side. We had lots of extra students yesterday since some of Irina’s watercolor students were completing snow-related make-up sessions. The items were fairly small and Irina had cloth draped around them. I did not see much of the detail until I walked up really close to take my photos. Anyway here is my drawing. I am not inspired to paint it (I think I am feeling a need for color) but I had tremendous fun and a challenging time drawing it.

Drawing for Painters Sketch 02232010


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