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February 21, 2010 February 22, 2010

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A new painting! I am so happy. Yesterday I stayed home with two healthy dogs, a dog recovering from a respiratory infection, a dog that is on strict bed rest for a slipped disc and a husband recuperating from surgery. Now the great thing is that I spent the day painting rather than baking cookies. I did another light filled abstract using acrylics and a full sheet of Yupo. I enjoy the pastel lightness of this painting and have titled it White Light. I also was able to transfer my Raggedy Ann drawing to my watercolor paper and intend to paint the red-head today.  I am a bit intimidated and hesitant to start but, as they say, I will start by getting the white off the paper.

White Light 20" X 28" Acrylic on Yupo


2 Responses to “February 21, 2010”

  1. lesliepaints Says:

    This would look nice on a warm dark wall, I think. What impresses me most is the warmth of what color is there.

  2. Thank you Leslie. When you see the painting in person the complexity and depth of colors is amazing. I take no credit. This is one of those paintings that paints itself.

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